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Thread: Health Management Information System In INDIA

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    Evaluation of Health Management Information System ( HMIS ) in India

    After independence India has made €considerable progress in economic and social development. India has invested huge sums of money in the development of extensive health care system which caters to a population of 1000 million residing in 6,00,000 villages.However, many of the key health indicators are very low, communicable diseases continue to be a major problem; maternal mortality is high; and morbidity especially among the poor xacts a high toll.Even these indicators vary from region to region significantly.

    HMIS brief overview
    Health management requires the monitoring of the health status of the population, the provision of services as to the coverage and utility, drugs stocks and consumption patterns, equipment status and availability, Finances, personnel on a regular basis. This requires timely and accurate information from various sources. Accurate, relevant and up-to-date ormation
    is essential to health service managers if they are to recognize weakness in health service provision and take actions that will improve service delivery. Accordingly, the development of effective information systems is a necessary precursor to managerial improvement.A health information system. (HIS) is a process whereby health data (input) are recorded,stored, retrieved and processed for decision-making (output).

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    I have registered but still cant see the hidden content. please help.

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