Carcinoma Oesophagus
1) Upper 1/3 middle 1/3 -------- Radiation ( if it recurs- surgery)
2) Lower 1/3
a) Squamous cell Carcinoma--------- Radiation ( if recurs- surgery)
b) Adenocarcinoma------- Surgery

a) Transglottic Ca------ Total laryngectomy and radical neck dissection if lymph nodes are involved

b) Subglottic Ca------ Radiation. If recurrence- Surgery

A) Oropharyngeal Tumours

a) Tonsil

1) No lymph nodal involvement--- Radiation
2) Lymph nodes involved------ Commando operation

b) Base of tongue--- Radiation

c) Soft Palate------- Radiation

d) Posterior pharyngeal wall ----- Radiation

e) Lymphoma tonsil -- Surgery

Lymphoma other sites ---Radiation

B) Carcinoma hypopharynx------ Radiation and surgery after 3 weeks

C) Pyriform fossa

a) Small--- Total laryngectomy, partial pharyngectomy and radical neck dissection

b) Large ( involving post cricoid area)------- Total laryngopharyngectomy

D) Post cricoid carcinoma-------- Radiation- if it fails laryngo pharyngo Oesophagectomy

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Post wall of Hypopharynx
a) Sarcoma---------- Surgery

b) Carcinoma
1) No lymph node involvement--- Radiation
2) Lymph node involved---------- Surgery

a) Mouth floor carcinoma-------- Surgery

b) Adenod cystic carcinoma of the Hard palate---- Surgery and removal of greater palatine nerv