Basic Surgical Techniques (Illustrated )

Basic Surgical Techniques - pt. 1

One of the major jobs of a Surgical Technologist is to assist the surgeon during an operation. As a sterile team member, the Surgical Technologist may stand directly across from the surgeon in the role of the first assistant or function in the role of the "scrub nurse." Some of the duties of the assistant are to sponge and suction blood from the operative site, hold retractors and other instruments, and cut suture for the surgeon. An expanded role of a first assistant may include incising and suturing tissue as directed by the surgeon. The "scrub nurse" will pass instruments, supplies, and suture to the surgeon during the procedure.

The unsterile "circulating nurse" will provide for the safety and comfort of the surgical patient and will be alert to the needs of the other members of the surgical team. For each role, it is vital for the Surgical Technologist to know the various steps the surgeon may take during most surgical procedures. This presentation on "Basic Surgical Techniques" will show the routines for a basic abdominal case, however most of these techniques will apply to any type of surgical procedure

Surgery - pt. 2
Following the surgical scrub, the technologist dries his/her hands using a sterile towel, and dons his/her sterile gown and gloves using the closed gloving method. The Surgical Technologist proceeds to set up the surgical case following that hospital's routine.

The scrub nurse and circulating nurse perform a sponge, needle, and instrument count before the initial incision is made.


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