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Thread: India's Demographic Trends

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    Arrow India's Demographic Trends

    India's Demographic Trends

    Population growth is one of India's biggest challenges. Since 1951 the population of the country has increased from 361.1 millions to 1028.7 millions.

    Maternal Mortality Ratio
    MMR is defined as the number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births due to causes related to pregnancy or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy.

    In India, over 301 women die out of every 100,000 giving birth. In the developed world less than 20 women die during child births.

    Huge variations exist between states which calls for focused attention being paid to overcome this challenge, particularly in interior rural areas where transportation for emergency care is difficult to access.
    Causes of High Maternal Mortality

    Around 30% of all women need emergency care during delivery.
    Only 35% of all deliveries are conducted by a doctor.
    Only 15% are conducted by a nurse, ANM, midwife or Lady Health Visitor.
    In urban areas more than 69% of the deliveries took place in institutions but in rural areas only 30% took place in institutions. (DLHS2)
    Maternal Health affects infant health

    A child's nutritional status begins with a woman's nutritional status during adolescence and pregnancy.

    Some Facts:
    1. The risk of a woman dying from a complication related to pregnancy or childbirth Developed Countries - 1 in 2800 India - 1 in 100

    2. Many of the surviving mothers suffer from serious disease, or physical disability caused by complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

    Safe Motherhood
    1. Emergency obstetric care is critical for saving a mother's life.

    2. It is estimated that nearly 7 million induced abortions take place annually. Studies show that almost 10% of all maternal deaths are attributable to abortion related complications.

    3. Anaemia is the underlying cause of another 20% of the deaths.

    4. Women need help to reach emergency obstetric facilities. Raising awareness about the need for women to access emergency care is critical for saving lives.

    5. Women need to know more about the emergency contraceptive pill, that medical termination of pregnancy is legal and where services are available.

    6. Men need to be involved in encouraging women to access antenatal care, to access safe delivery services and to make spacing and limiting families a joint responsibility.


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