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Thread: Neoplasia - Lecture Notes with Images

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    Neoplasia - Lecture Notes with IMAGES

    Very Nice Presentaion

    Definitions•Types of growth disturbances•Morphological criteria for malignancy•Histological grading versus clinical staging--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Page 3
    NEOPLASIA-2: important concepts•Multi-step carcinogenesis•Hereditary predisposition•Functional and molecular criteria for malignancy•(Some recurrent molecular pathways)•Are there “metastasis genes” ?•Tumor stem cells
    Page 4
    Everyday Examples (1):A 42 year old female visits her physician, after discovering a lump during breast self-examination•How to diagnose further (physically, imaging, fine needle aspiration, lab tests, ...)•How to analyze pathological data: benign or malignant ?•Prognosis ?•What are the risk factors ?•How does increased screening (mammography) alter how we need to address this disease ? What new knowledge do we need to acquire ?•How will treatment and diagnosis change in the future ? (are already changing)

    and so on--

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