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    Cool Ed's Basic Histology Gallery

    Basic Histo Slides site

    thanks to msk........

    This site introduces basic concepts of histology actively, without having to schedule classroom time.

    Especially if you plan a career in medicine or bioscience, you will need basic histology competency in the years ahead.

    If you become a doctor, you will need it to make sense of what's happening at the tissue level -- in "Pathology", in reading professional journals, and when you are caring for sick people.

    If you attend KCUMB, you will need it to complete your three "Pathology" signoffs and hundred-or-so lab cases successfully.

    As a doctor, you will be expected to review at least some of your own biopsies with the pathologist, regardless of your speciality.

    As a lay person, this exercise will help you understand popular articles about medical science, especially when there are schematic drawings of tissues.

    In this exercise, you will be required to identify, all by yourself, under a real microscope with a flesh-and-blood instructor, EACH of the following:


    euchromatin and heterochromatin


    mitotic figures


    simple columnar / cuboidal epithelium

    stratified squamous epithelium

    exocrine glands

    smooth muscle

    skeletal muscle

    collagen fibers


    blood vessels

    lymphatic vessels

    red blood cells



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