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Thread: Cloudy urine

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    Default Cloudy urine

    Causes of Cloudy urine:

    Certain foods or drinks - various types of foods or drink affect urine consistency and coloration.
    Normal vaginal secretions
    Abnormal vaginal discharge (see Vaginal discharge)
    Pus in urine
    Bladder infection
    Urinary tract infection
    Kidney stones
    Blood in urine - any blood in the urine may lead to cloudy urine or smoky urine
    Kidney conditions
    Acute pyelonephritis
    Conditions listing cloudy urine

    Cystitis ... cloudy urine
    Glomerulonephritis ... cloudy urine
    Gonorrhea ... cloudy urine
    Kidney stones ... cloudy urine
    Nephritis ... cloudy urine
    Prostatitis ... cloudy urine
    Torulopsis ... cloudy urine
    Tuberculosis ... cloudy urine
    Urinary stones ... cloudy urine
    Urinary tract infections ... cloudy urine
    Urinary tract infections (child) ... cloudy urine
    Cloudy urine with fever

    1. Cystitis
    2. Glomerulonephritis
    3. Gonorrhea
    4. Kidney stones
    5. Prostatitis
    6. Schistosomiasis
    7. Torulopsis
    8. Tuberculosis
    9. Urinary stones
    10. Urinary tract infections

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    Post causes of Cloudy urine OR Fever

    causes of Cloudy urine OR Fever

    1. Abdominal Cancer
    2. Abdominal Hernia
    3. Abdominal Neoplasms
    4. Abdominal abscess
    5. Abdominal cystic lymphangioma
    6. Abscess
    7. Acinic cell carcinoma
    8. Acrodynia
    9. Actinomycetales infection
    10. Acute abdominal syndrome

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