Is There a Deodorant Breast Cancer Link?

Researchers have been studying the possible link between parabens and breast cancer risk. Parabens are mild estrogen-like molecules added to many cosmetics and deodorant/anti-perspirants as a germ-fighting preservative.

Since these parabens are known to mimic estrogen, they are of concern to scientists as increased estrogen levels is an indicator of cancer, especially breast cancer.

British researchers who recently examined breast tissue samples from 40 women who had mastectomies found that while traces of parabens were widespread in the tissues, not all could be linked to deodorant.

Of the 40 women in the study, thsoe who did not regularly use deodorant or anti-perspirants had no notable difference in their paraben levels versus those who did. In fact, one or more parabens were found in 158 of the 160 tissue samples taken.

Scientists were not willing to imply cause and effect because of the presence of the parabens, but were able to conclude that deodorants were not the only source of parabens and were, in fact, not a significant source.

This puts them one step closer to identifying causes of breast cancer.