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Thread: To Get E Book Frm Net

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    Default To Get E Book Frm Net

    "The Magic 7 Steps to get your e-book"

    (courtsey DR AMIR)

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    Getting the e-books that you need is a very joyful and rewarding experience, but sometimes, we get lost in the internet without any success, so WE will offer you a pretty simple yet highly effective technique to get what you need of e-books, OK.

    Here you are the steps:
    1. GOOGLE
    First thing, although it seems a funny step but many people disregard it inspite of its relevance, you have first to make sure that the publisher provides an electronic verison or softcopy of this e-book
    - Open Google
    - Type the the following in the search box:
    "name of your desired book"
    "name of your desired book" amazon
    "name of your desired book" barnes & nobles

    -That will get you links for the book which is sold via major bookstores
    -Click one of those links to see the full info about the book, and copy those info into your TXT file, as Exact Title of the book, Authors, ISBN, ...etc.
    -If you see "Hard copy" or "Paperback" only, that means this book has no electronic form, but if you see
    "e-book" or PDF that means the book has an electronic form that we can go to hunt.

    2. Medical e-book Genie
    Try to get the electronic form that someone has downloaded it and he wants to sahre it with us:
    - Open Medical e-book Genie [HIDE][/HIDE]
    - Type the name of your book between qutations
    - This efficient search engine (powered by Google) was designed specifically for for medical e-books, it can search now 68 websites , and it is updated regularly to include more websites (it includes also: Gigapedia & 4share)
    It saves your time and effort instead of searching many unrelated websites and having thousands of non related results.
    - Check the results to get Download Links for your desired e-book
    - Kindly, pay attention if there is a Password for the rar file of the e-book, NEVER FORGET IT.

    3. GOOGLE
    What if I cann't find it after this:
    We will try to make a more broad search but it will take much effort and time
    - Open Google
    - Type the following in search box:
    "name of the e-book".rar
    "name of the e-book".pdf
    "name of the e-book" filetype:rar
    allinurl:"name of the e-book" +rapidshare
    allinurl:"name of the e-book" +mihd

    4. FirstSearch:
    -Login using one of the following accounts for FirstSearch OCLC:
    100-107-366 / nusearch
    100-104-862 / JOSHUA21
    100-256-130 / spring05
    100-096-904 / gxmpy#art
    100-109-213 / 1stsearch
    100-163-811 / hurx,nxte
    100141367 / EMUSTAR
    100-208-699 / FUNK$XXKE
    100162968 / Austin
    100-196-055 / knights
    -Search your book using its search engine that will tell you:
    if Netlibrary is supplying this e-book
    & which University Libray have it

    5. Netlibrary:
    Use a netlibrary,ebrary or EBL account and check if the book is supplied by them, you can even download some pages in PDF format

    6. University Library:
    Seek an account for the University that has this ebook

    7. Request:
    Finally, if you cann't find the book then post a request for this e-book in a reSpectable forum like this, wishing that someone has downloaded the book or scanned it for his personal use and he will give it to you.
    Your request should contain the follwoing details: Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, preferably with the university library that have it.

    With my best wishes,
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    good steps
    hope these works

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