The Primus hospital is one of leading super specialty hospital of our country. It has one of best league of doctors who are totally devoted to their profession and are highly qualified. The care and facilities at Primus is of world class level. Primus Hospital in its state of art has been a great centre for educating young and fresh doctors as it is fully equipped with the latest facilities which one could expect while learning or mastering a special trade of medical sciences. The hospital is also known for its best expertise in ortho department and spine related issues. I really appreciate the service standards of Primus hospital.

The IVF facilities at Primus hospital has been a great effort and has provided great hopes for patients who had lost the hopes of having a baby in their life. The IVF unit has the best facilities with some world renowned doctors who give a visit for special operating procedure which requires the best of the doctors on certain occasions. There are special program organized by the hospitals where they have lectures from the most renowned doctors in regards to IVF facilities and even other specialized area to create awareness among the people about that particular disease The IVF in itself is a complicated procedure as there are necessary steps and proper sterile conditions required to be maintained in the labs. Thanks to the Primus Hospital for their ever increasing facilities and success rate.

Few values which Primus is known for includes their strong interaction which helps in overcoming language barrier among the patients. They have the best communication options like email; fax and 24 hours help line at attend any emergency situations. For extreme cases Primus has the best ICU facilities with the latest technologies. I really appreciate all their features. Moreover the doctors are great as they give time to every patient whether he has come for OPD treatment or IPD treatment. At Primus hospital you can get the best service and true humanity served in same plate.