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    Hi friends,

    I thought this thread will be useful for all those who wanna apply for match next year. 3 months back I was scared with the thought of "Residency Interviews"...! But now I think its the time to share some of my experiences and tips with everyone.

    (This post contains all things that I feel are useful and needed. It can be different for different people!)

    1. When to schedule IV:

    Its very subjective. there are positives and negatives to both the sides. But one thing that everyone agree... Schedule interviews with those program ERALIEST who OFFERS PREMATCH.

    2. Dress Code:

    a. for pre interview dinner : Bussiness casuals ( formal shirt and pant. No tie)
    b. Interview day : Male: Suit Female: Bussiness formals.

    3. Should you carry all documents for IV:

    Its a real dilemma. On one side you want to be prepared that you have all stuff if they ask you to show and other side there is a big risk of loosing vital documents. So my advice is that carry them with you but never put in check in bag of your flight. keep it with you all the time.

    4. Preparations:

    a. try to get itenerary of your interview day from your Program Coordinator. It helps you to know who will be interviewing you.

    b. Go through the program website thoroughly so that you dont ask questions to program director (PD) which are already answered on website.

    c. if you come to know who will be interviewing you (or else of the all faculties), do some background research. try to look into their field of interest or research. And if you can guide your interview to that point then its an icebreaker. But it can be double edged sword too!!!

    d. make a list of what wue to ask to residents and what to ask to PD.

    e. revise your answers to std que like "tell me abt urself", "what you do in your free time", "your strength and weakness"...... list can go on and on....

    f. make sure to take details of your travel and hotel stay.

    5. on interview day:

    a. reach on time. you won't like to reach late (or at least pretend) on your interview!!

    b. smile at everyone and great nicely. keep on smiling. thats the key!!

    c. answer confidently and calmly. never answer something contradictory to your statement of purpose (SOP). so its better to go through it before interview.

    d. always be politically correct. never say bad abt other interviewee and other programs.

    e. dont make this mistake of sticking to cointerviewee and resident of your own country (if you are IMG). This really creates bad impression. Talk to everyone. dont make any1 feel neglected.

    6. Thank you letter:

    on very next day DONT FORGET to write a thank you letter to program director , other interviewers and residents who you met.

    7. Update and Reminder:

    If you get any updates in your applications then email about that to PD and coordinator. Also wish them on christmas, new yr , etc... this help to remind them your name!!!

    Thats all I can say right now. I am keeping my fingers crossed for "match" result. Hope I get some seat this year! Else will join you all again next year.. lollz...

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    nice share.
    Keep sharing your experiences..

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    You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions.

    Best regards.
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    That was something i was looking for thank you so much for this useful post :*

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    Great post. Thanks for sharing. It's very useful.

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    Thank you magic_appu for sharing your experience.
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