Margaret Varnell Clark - Asthma: A Clinician's Guide
Asthma: A Clinician's Guide incorporates the new National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's 2007 Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma (EPR-3) and emphasizes the importance of asthma control that has come to the forefront of asthma management. This vital text discusses the current data on genetics and strategies to overcome treatment disparities. With concise, evidence-based information in an easily accessible format, this book provides respiratory and pulmonary medicine students with a fundamental resource to better understand asthma and manage appropriate treatment for various patient populations. This user-friendly text is an essential reference for students and clinicians alike! Each chapter includes an outline, objectives, and key terms with definitions. Appendices include travel charts and school plans. Guideline-based step management algorithms provided for each age group. Peak flow charts and instruction guides are included. Forms/templates provided for reproduction
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