etiology "source of the emboli" :
peripheral veins
a- Blood emboli VRCHOW"S TRIAD 3Vs:
* low Velocity: abnormal blood flow or stasis
*high Viscocity : abnormal blood components or hypercoagulability
*Vessel wall injuery : endothelial injury
b-others very rare :FOAM
F at embolus : Fracture bone , Fire burns , Fat suction= liposuction
O rganism=parasite as with ascariasis
A ir embolism :e.g central line for CVP
M alignant cell: metastatic emboli

Rt side of the heart:
rt atrium as with Atrial Fibrilation
rt ventricle as with mural thrombus on top of infarction
tricuspid valve vegitations as in I.V. drug abusers

paradoxical emboliosm:v.v.v.v.v.v rare as with ASD or VSD

features vary accordiong to 3Ss:
Septic or not : infected embolus may cause pnemonia & lung abcess
Shower or not "number"
Small or not "size"
e.g * shower of small emboli may lead to thromb-oembolic pulmonary hypertension
* Medium-sized embolus :
general pic: 4Ts Temprature Tinge of jaundice Tachycardia Tachypnea OR 2 hyper " -thermia & -bilirubinemia" & 2 tachy" - carbia & -pnea"
lung : Dysnea cough Hemoptisis
pelura: Pain Effusion"not always" Rub
* big embolus :
-Severe "massive " pulm. infarction :ACUTE chest pain,dyspnea& RVF " rt vent failure"
-Sudden death