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    In compliance of the directive of the Honable Supreme Court Of India the All India Instituate of Medical Sciences wil be conducting the Competitive Enatrance Examination on all India Basis for admission to all postgraduate medical and dental courses on open merit. This entrance examination is being conducted exclusively for admission to 25% of seats of various postgraduate courses (MD/Ms/Diploma) in different medical colleges and MDS courses against open seath as specified in the driectives of the Honable court. It will be governed by the rules and regulation specified by the Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for the same from time to time.


    "Government" Means "Government of India"

    "Ministry" means "Ministry of Health and Family Welfage"

    "Institure" means "All India Institure of Medical Science, New Delhi"

    "Examination" means "All India Entrance Examination conducted for admission of MD/MS/Diploma & MDS courses"

    "Rules means "Rules framed by All India Institure of Medical Sciences for the conduct of these examinations under the directives of the Supreme Court of India as well as Ministry of Health & Family Welfare"

    "Scheduled Castes" means "Scheduled Castes as specified and laid down by the Government of India"

    "Scheduled Tribes" means "Scheduled Trives as specified and laid down by the Government of India"

    M.D./M.S/Diploma Courses

    Durations of the Courses

    MD/MS Three years from the date of admission Candidates are eligible for admission after completion of compulsory rotating internship

    Diploma Two years from the date of admission for candidates joining after completion of compulsory internship

    Scheme of Examination

    1 The scheme for selection of candidates for admission to postgraduate medical courses against open seats on All India basis shall be applicable to all medical shall hereafter conduct competitive entrance examination of its own for the open seats on All India basis except those exempted by the Supreme Court. The States of Jammu & Kashmir and Andra Pradesh have been excluded by the Supreme Court from the purview of theirjudgements in this regard, Therefore the students having passed their MBBS examination from an institution in these states shall not be eligible to participate in the All India Competitive Entrance Examination for selection of candidates against open seath However the candidates who were nominated by the Government of India/Ministry of Health and Family Welfare /D.G.H.S to do MBBS from Medical College in Andra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir shall be eligible to apply for admission subject to submission letter must be attended with the bond.

    Examination will be conducted on 1st Sunday of January every year as directed by the Supreme court of India

    Actual number of seats

    The number of seats available for the session which have not been communicated by all the colleges covered under the Scheme, till the time of publication of Bulletin of Information, can not be detailed in the Bulletin, However, the number of seats available for selection and allotment of college & subject wise shall be displaued at the venue of personal apperances. The availability of seath will be updated and displayed on day to day basis.

    Stipends may vary from state to state from institution to Institution Some seats may be non stipendary DGHS shall not be responisble for the same.

    Centres of Examination

    Examination will be conducted at various centres in different parts of the country. Appendix I shows the list of cities where examination will be conducted.

    The candidate shall fill in the application from the name of the examination centre from where he/she would be appearing for the examination.

    Under no circumstances the centre once allotted shall be changed.

    Eligibility Criteria

    He/ she must be an India national

    A candidates who holds a recognize M.B.B.S. a degree from a recognised medical college of foregin medical degree included in the Schedules to the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 and who has obtained full registration either from the Medical Council of India or any of the State Medical Councils after completing compulsory rotating internship shall be eligible to take up to the competitive entrance test for admission of postgraduate degree of diploma courses.

    The candidates who have obtained their MBBS degree from the medical college which are not recognised by medical Council of India shall not be eligible The Candidaes who are completing their compulsory rotating internshiop after 31st March are not eligible and need not apply.

    However a candidate who after passing the final qualifying examination (MBBS or the foreign recognised medical degre) is undergoing compulsory rorating internship practical training and is completing the same by 31st March will be elibible to take up the competitive test but He/She shall not be eligible for admission to the Postgraduate Course unless he/she has completed to compulsory rotating internship practical training and obtained of the postgradute medical course to which he/she might have been selected.

    All such candidates shall have to submit the documentary proff, in original, from the Principal/Dean of the college regarding the date of completion of internship along with the application failing which their application shall be summarily rejected without any further reference in the matter.

    As specified earlier, candidates who have done MBBS from any of the institutions in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir are not eligible. However the candidates who were nominated by the Government of India(Ministry of Health & Family Welfare/D.G.H.S. New Delhi) to do MBBS from Medical Colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir shall be eligible to apply for admission subject to submission of bond on non judicial paper to thie effect accompanied with a copy of nomination letter issued by the Govt. of India (Ministry of Health/D.G.H.S)

    Options for medical course/medial colleges

    The allotment of seats shall be made through personal appearance. The candidates are not required to give any choice at the time of submissio nof application form.

    Some of the Universities are having regulations that candidates who are already for admission till they complete the course. The candidates who are already pursuing the PG courses either through All India Quota or State Quota and applying for a seat under All India Quota may confirm the eligibility conditio of that University in this regard. Refusal of admission of such candidates shall not be the responsibility of DGHS. Such candidats may opto for the subject and college at their own risk and costs.


    There shall be one paper of 3-/12 hours duration containing 300 MCQs Part I will consists of pre-clinical and para clinical subject and Part II will consist of clinical subject.

    Paper will be from10.00A.M. to 1.30P.M.

    All qesstions will be of objective type. Each answer with correct response shall be awarded Four marks. Negative marking will be adopted for incorrect responses. One Mark will be deducted not answered. More than one answer indicated against a question wil be deemed as incorrect response and will be negatively marked.

    The competitive entrance examination shall be of the standard of MBBS examination and shall cover all the subject of the MBBS course.

    The number of questions in each subject and in Part I and Part II are as shown below.

    Part I

    Anatomy 15

    Physiology 15

    Biochemistry 85

    Biophysics 5

    Pharmacology 20

    Pathology 25

    Microbiolohgy 20

    Forensic Medicine 10

    Social & Preventive Medicine 25

    Part II

    Medicine 30

    Surgery 25

    Ovstetrics & Cynaecology 20

    Ophthalmology 10

    Orthopaedics 7

    ENT 7

    Anaestheisa 7

    Dermatilogy & Venereology 7

    Psychiatry 10

    Pediatrics 15

    Radiodiagonsis 7

    Radiotherapy 5

    The examination shall be conducted in English Mediuma Only.

    Declaration of results

    The All India Institute of Medical Sciences will conduct the examination, evaluate the answer scripts, prepare the merit list/waiting list, as per the directions of the Supreme Court. The result indicating the rank numbers against the Roll Nos. will be declared on or before February 28th and will be published in the Newspapers including the Employment News of date February (Subject to change pending Surpreme Courts. Directions)

    The candidates who figure in the merit list announced by the Institureshall be intimated individually about their rank obtained in the Entrance examination Please do not wait for the communication to the received by post look up the news paper for your rank no so that you may be ale to appear for selection of a seat on notified date & yor non appclaim for seat under All India Quata. The result shall also be displyed at the Instititute for the benifit of the candidates.

    It may be noted that the Institute does not issue or suppy or intimate the marks/ranks of unsuccessful candidates and no corresposdence on the subject will be entertained.

    There will be rechecking re evaluation of the answer sheets.

    Merit list

    The merit list will consists of number of candidates equal to the number of seats available for allotment. A waiting list containing not more that 10 percents of the merit list will also be declared from amongst the sccessuful candisdates who have secured 50 percent or more marks in the competitive examination.

    Determination of inter se merit of candidates obtaining equal marks. In case of two or more candidates obtaining equal marks in the competitive entrance examination the inter se merit of such candidates shall be dermind in orede of perforence as under:

    Candidates obtaining higher marks in Part II

    According to age older will get preference over younger

    Application form & fees for examination

    A candidates seeking admission of the Entrance Examination is required to send his/her application on the prescribed form given at the nd of the Bulletin of Information.

    The candidate shall fill in the application form in his/her own handwriting. The entries in computer record sheet should e clearly typed hand over writing in the computers sheet.

    Rs, 500/- is the cost of the Application form and fee for examination will be collected at te time of sale of Bulletin (Note : In respect of candidates who belong to scheduled casts / scheduled tribe category a fee of Rs. 400/- (Ruppes sixty only) will be charged at the time of the sale of the Bulletin)

    The fee shall be remitted through a Bank Draft or I.P.O.

    The Bank Draft /I.P.O. shall be in favour of Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi drawn on a State Bank of India Service Branch (Code No. 7687) New Delhi 110029 Before sending the Bank Draft it may be ensured that it signed by the issuing Bank and bear the Code No.

    The candidate is required to go through the Bulletin of Information carefully and acqauint himself /hersrlf with all requirements with regard to filling in of the application form,

    Candidates are directed to check application form numbers mentioned on the bulletin of information application form Computers regisrtation sheet attendance sheet admit card and acknowledgement card are same. In case any discrepancy in these and thedate and time of the entrance noted these should immediately be brought into the notice of the Examination section of AIMS. Complainst received after the examination is held will not be enterained.

    Application form complete in all respects shall be sent to Assistant controleer of examinations, Examinations section All India Institute of Medical Science ansari Nagar New Delhi 110029

    It will be the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the correct address in the acknowledgement card and in the self addressed envelope for sending the ADMIT CARD is filled. The Instititute shall not be held responsible for any loss in transit or for incorrect address given by the applicant on the envelope.

    Application form should reach the Examination section on or before 3rd November 1993 No. application received thereafter shall be enterstained on any ground whatsoever.

    Conduct of Examination

    The examination will be conducted at various centers on 1st Sunday of each year

    Candidates are expected to take their seats 15 minutes before the commencemene of the examination

    A candidate who does not posses the Admit Card issued by the Institute, shall not be admitted to the examination hall under any circumstances.

    Candidates who comes after 16 minute of the commencement of the examination shall not be permitted to appear in the examination.

    No candidates shall be allowed to carry any textual material printed or written bits of papers or any other material except the Admit Card (without envelop inside the hall)

    No. Candidate shall be allowed to leave the examination hall before the end of 2 hours

    The candidate shall maintain silence and attend to their paper only any distrubance in the examination hall be deemed as misbeheviour and the candidate shll forfit the right to continue to write in the examination hall the decidion of the centre superintedent shall be final and conclusive.

    Method of Selection and admission

    All the candidate who apply for admission and are fojnd eligible will be required to take the competitive entrance examination at their own cost. The examination will be conducted at the centres as given in Appendix1

    The examination will be allotted to other centers in order of perference as given in their application form

    The admit card s will be sent only to those candidates who fulfil the admission reqirement as indicated in the eligiblility criteria andidates will not be allowed to appear in the competitie entrance examination unless he/she holds the Admit Card issued by the Institute

    Admit Card will not be sent to the ineligible candidates no representation nation centre. The decisio nof te Professor in charge of the Examination section in this regard shall be final.

    The Institute bears no responsibililty for no receipt of admit card due to loss in transit or on any other ground.

    Candidats securing less than 50% marks in the competitive entrance examination will not be considered for admission and their names will not be insluded in the merit list. For candidates belong to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes category this shall be 40% marks

    Allotment on personal Apperance.

    The allotment of sets shall the made to the candidates through personal apperance. For personal apperance the candidates will be called in batches of 150 each day in order of merit as per the schedule given in Appendix II any change in the scheduled of allotment or the venue of allotment shall be published in the newspaper No separate intimation for personal apperance will be sent to the candidates individually. The candidates for personal apperance should bring their Admit Card and other relevant certificats including The Intershipo Completion Certificate in original for verification.

    The candidates will have the right to choose any one of the available seath at his/her rank and the same will be allowed to him/her and the allotment letters will be issued the next day.

    The case any candidate is unable to appear in person on the notified date(s) for personal appearance, he/she can send his/her authorised repfesentative with an Undertaken and Authotiry Letter for allotment (Performa for Underkating and Authrity letter is given at Appendix III and IV). The allotment made to the authorised representative shall be binding on the candidae.

    Each candidate shall be giben 15 days time, from the date of personal apperance, to join the alloted college and course. However, the last date of joining shall not be later than 31st march. The allotment made will be firms and final.

    The candidates, who will not appear for allotment in person or through the authorised representative on notified date(s) or who will reject the available seats for allotment or those who will not join the alloted course and college, with the last date of joining mentioned in the allotment lette, shall forfeit a claim for a seat under All India Quota All the seats remaining vacnt after the allotment or falling vacant thereafter shall deemed to have been surrendered back to the respective States.

    Candidates who have been admited must join their classes on the date to be notified affter admission. If they do not join they shall forfit all their claims for seat.

    Any candidate after taking admission to the alloted course and college, if discontinues the PG corse of his/her own or him/her admission is canclled by the Institutions for any reason shall forfeit the claim for a seat under the All India Quata.

    While reporting for admission please carry all the relevant certificates documents in original. These original documents may be kept with the Institutions till completion of the course

    In the matter of allocation admission of candidates to respective medical College Institution the decision oof the D.G.H.S. shall be final.

    All dispute pertaining th couduct the examination by the AIIMs allocation of seats in various subjects and colleges by the DGHs shall fall within the jurisdiction of Delhi.

    The incomplete application forms shall be rejected

    Candidates are directed to preserve the Admit Card will allotment of seat in college institution.

    No oral enquiry would be entertained by the Diredtorate. Candidates are requested to communicat in writing. They must take special care to indicate their merit number, roll number name and postal address in their letters.They should also sign the same.

    Canvassing directly or indirectly for the allotment of seats or adjustmenrs thereafter would disqualify the candidates for admission on the basis of thes examination. Influencing the staff by unfair means would lead to serious consequences for all concerned .the candidates or their relatives visiting Nirman Bhawan ,New delhi for seeking chang of the alloment would face disqualification,since such visits would be treated as trespassing.DIRECTOTY OF PG MEDICAL COURSES & SERVICES EXAM

    The Directorated is not obliged to enter in to any correspondence with the candidates,unless it is considered necessary.

    change of subject / college from one place to another is not permitted.

    The number of seats for allotment by personal appearance and updated on day to day basis.

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    Not a full info

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    Quote Originally Posted by drgauravkatiyar View Post
    Not a full info
    Can you make it full then?

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    is there any OFFICIAL website for the AIPGE...?

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    hey much needed info buddy..........

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    Almost all covered....
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