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Thread: How different would you say the preparation for AIPGME USMLE PLAB etc are ?

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    Default How different would you say the preparation for AIPGME USMLE PLAB etc are ?

    I mean, having only All India as an aim sometimes seems quite difficult, and I have kept the private colleges including Manipal out of questions. Besides that I have interest in going abroad, since at least the pay there would be better not to say the least, standard of living. Well, that's debatable.

    So what I wanted to ask is, if I am preparing for aipg from an institute like IAMS or DAMS, do I have no chance of clearing PLAB or MLE ? Or does it require full time dedication (like our AIPG)? I want to keep All India as my first choice.

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    Preparation for usmle may help in AIPGMe but AIPGME preparation wont help in USMLE.
    First decide your target and aim towards single target otherwise you may not be able to perform well in single exam..

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