Hi all,
i am new to this forum, so i dont know in which section should i post my question.

Well my question is as follows

What are the PG options after MBBS??? I know about MD/MS and also about DNB.

Well what i know is that after mbbs i can go for MD/MS then for DM.and also i can go for DNB broad Speciality then for DNB super speciality.

my doubt is as now a days DNB is considered equal to MD/MS so after DNB, can i go for DM???Or only DNB Super speciality is the limit if i go for DNB Broad Speciality??

Actually i want to become a Cardiologist.

But in my local are i have see a doctor who is a skin specialist, anesthetist etc.So how to go in two fields like the doctor i mentioned above.When i asked the doctor he diverted the topic.

It will be really good help if someone clears my doubt.

Thanks a lot in advance