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Thread: PSM MCQ Book: Vivek Jain 3rd Edn launched (JayPee Publishers)

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    Default PSM MCQ Book: Vivek Jain 3rd Edn launched (JayPee Publishers)

    Dear Students, 3rd EDITION LAUNCHED (JAYPEE Publishers)
    I have written this book keeping a studentís, a teacherís and an examinerís perspective in mind.
    1. Book includes PG Entrance Examination MCQs of AIIMS (1991-2010) and AIPGME (1991-2011) with referenced, authenticated, explanatory answers
    2. Each chapter MCQs arranged section-wise
    3. Solved explanatory MCQs from PGMEE
    4. Recent most changes in TB diagnosis (RNTCP), Malaria treatment (NVBDCP)
    5. Live Lecture on Epidemiology (3 hr DVD) as freebie
    6. Each answer followed by a section on ĎAlso Rememberí
    7. Golden Points + Annexures
    8. New topics/changes in Textbook of PSM by K. Park, 21st Edition (2011) given as a separate annexure
    9. References from Textbook of PSM by K. Park, 21st Edition (2011) given separately

    10. Recent most solved papers of AIIMS November 2010, AIPGMEE 2011, DPG 2011 with fully explained, referenced (21st Edition K Park) authenticated answers

    Good Luck
    Dr Vivek Jain

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    awesome , good effort

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