1. AGRIMONY: Humorous hides mental torture from others.
2. ASPEN: Fears of unknown things [feelings, vague].
3. BEECH: Order and discipline everywhere [intolerance].
4. CENTANRY: No individuality submits to [weakness of will power].
5. CERATO: Asking for advice doing their own talkative [doubt their own judgement, seeks confirmation of others]
6. CHERRY PLUM: Unable to resist impulse [temptation, emotion, desperation], [uncontrolled, irrational thoughts]
7. CHESTNUT BUD: Lack of observation repeated mistakes. Forgets the past easily.
8. CHICORY: Self love self pity- possessiveness. Cross when no attended.
9. CLEMATIS: Day dreamers, absent-minded-lack of concentration. Polite form of suicide. Prefers to be alone with his thoughts. Poor memory [brings down to earth] needs much sleep. Faintly Greediness Lake of interest.
10. CRAB-APPLE: Self dislike, concern of dirt.
11. ELM: Temporary lack of confidence in discharge of duties- trustee, doctor, family head.[overwhelmed by inadequency & responsibility.
12. GENTIAN: Depression for known cause discourage due to failure at school. Doubt discouragement.
13. GORSE: hopelessness pessimistic. 'oh, what's the use'
14. HEATHER: Self centred ness, making mountain of moles. Every talk about his owns ‘I’. egoistic
15. HOLY: Jealousy, hatred, suspicious, anger, worried, afraid, sex indulgence, sex mania.
16. HONEYS SUCKLE: Dwells in the memories of the past. Home sickness not living in present.
17. HORN BEAM: Monday morning feeling tiresomeness in thought & not due to physical exhaustion.
18. IMPATIENS: Quick & impatient extreme mental tension, irritability, excessive reaction.
19. LARCH: Lack of confidence a convinced after failure & no attempts though capable full of interest & ambitions.
20. MIMULUS: Fears of known things heard or seen. Nervousness, shyness.
21. MUSTARD: Depression & fear for unknown cause.
22. OAK: Optimistic, ease less efforts even in despair, fighting without loss of hope.
23. OLIVE: Exhaustion after exertion completes mentally & physically lack of interest- depression.[fatigued-drained of energy]
24. PINE: Putting blame on them feeling of guilt self blame.
25. RED CHEST NUT: Fear and anxiety for family & others.
26. ROCK ROSE: Extreme fear panic emergency.
27. ROCK WATER: Rigid minded, inflexible.
28. SCLERANTHUS: Lazy persons postpone doing now or afterwards. Uncertainity/ indecision/ fluctuating mood.
29. STAR OF BETHLEHEM: Many shocks in life. Mental or physical.
39. WHITE CHEST NUT: Persistent unwanted thoughts, preoccupation with some worry or episode. Mental arguments.
30. VERVEIN: Strain & tension.
31. VINE: Dominator or tyrant – Hitler type
32. WILLOW: For resentment put blame on others.
33. WILD OAT: Weak anaemic despondent.
34. WILD ROSE: Resigned- loss of interest- no efforts to improve.
35. WATER VIOLET: Proud / reserved / enjoy to be alone / aloof
36. WALNUT: To adjust [puberty, menopause, divorce, new surroundings]
37. SWEET CHEST NUT: Link breaker.[they feel that they have reached the limits of endurance]
38. RESCUE: cherry plum + clematis + impatiens + rock rose + star of bethlehem [shock, terror, emotional upset, stage fright]

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