Arnica: - Injury, Sprains, Head Injury.
Calendula Ointment: - Ex In Local Dressing of Wound & Cut.
Cantharis: - Burning Pain, Healing.
Cocculus: - Carsickness.
Glonoine: - Sunstroke.
Hypericum: - Nerve Injury, Crushed Finger, Painful Animal Bite, Laceration.
Ledum: - Tetanus, Puncture Wound, Insect Bite.
Rhus Tox: - Strain, Muscle Stiffness, Aching.
Symphytum: - Bone Injury, Fractures.

12 tissue remedies – 12 inorganic salts

Of Lime, Calcaria Phos
Of Iron, Ferum Phos
PHOSPHATES of Potash, Kali Phos
Of Sodium, Natrum Phos
Of Magnesia, Mag Phos

CHLORIDES of Potash, Kali Mur
Of Sodium, Natrum Mur

SULPHATES of Sodium, Natrum Sulph
Of Potash, Kali Sulph

Fluoride of Lime: – Calcaria Fluorica & Quartz, Silica.
01 Calcaria Fluorica: - Piles, Gumboils, Tumors.
02 Calc. Phos: - Defective Nutrition, Imperfect Growth, Dentition, Acute Illness, Healthy Bones.
03 Calc. Sulph: - Suppurations.
04 Fer Phos: - Anemia, Acute Fever, Congestion, Bleeding Piles.
05 Kali Phos: - Nervous Condition, Sleeplessness, Prostration, Loss of Menstrual Vigour, Brain Fag.
06 Kali Mur: - Chronic Catarrhal Illness, Croup, Diphtheria, Dysentery, Pneumonia, Indigestion.
07 Kali Sulph: - Chronic Skin Disorder, Inflammations.
08 Mag. Phos: - Cramps, Abdominal Colic’s & Hiccoughs [Use with Hot Water]
09 Nat. Mur: - Headache, Toothache, Face Ache, Diarrhea, Leucorrhoea.
10 Nat. Phos: - Hyperacidity, Sour Vomiting.
11 Nat. Sulph: - Gastric Bilious Condition, Dropsy, Liver Disease, Living In Damp.
12 Silica: - Pus, Healthy Hair.

01 Anemia
02 Asthma, Whooping Cough, Chest Pain
03 Abdominal Colic’s
04 Constipation
05 Coryza, Inflammatory Febrile Catarrhal Condition
06 Cough with Coryza, Acute Bronchitis
07. Diabetes
08 Diarrheas during Dentition
09 Dysentery with Mucus, Blood, Slimy Stool
10 Tonsillitis
11 Fever
12 All Type Of Headaches
13 Leucorrhoea
14 Measles
15 Menstrual Disorder
16 Nervous Exhaustion, Lassitude, Depression, Night Terror, Impaired Memory, Confusion, Insomnia
17 Piles
18 Pyorrhea, Gumboils, Teeth & Bleeding Gums, Looseness
19 Acute Rheumatism
20 Skin Disease, Acne, Crack, Eczema, Psoriasis
21 Teething Trouble in Child
22 Enlarged Gland, Dry or Suppurating
23 Toothache
24 Tonic 4 Nerve & Brain, Mental & Physical Weakness, Overwork
25 Gastric Disturbance, Hyper Acidity, Sour Eructation, Bilious Vomiting, Gastric Headache
26 Prevent Miscarriage, Relive Labour Pain, and Promote Easy Delivery
27 Sexual System of Both Regulating Hormonal & Nervous System
28 Combination of 12 Tissue Salt [Tonic]
4 Tab. 3 Times/Day

Absess [Boil] Hepar Sulph 200 [4 Pill 3 Tds]
Acidity Natrum Phos 3x [4 Pill 3tds], Nox Vomica 30, Robinea 30
Acne Berb Aq ‘Q’ 10-15 Drop In Water 2 Tds Ir, Crab Apple 4 Pill 4tds, Calc Sulph 6x, Manjisthadi Kadha,
Adenoids Calc Iod 6 [4 Pill 2 Tds 3 Mth]
Ageing [Premature] Selenium 30
Alopecia Phos 30
Anemia Biocombination 1 [4 Tab 3 Tds], Fer Met 30
Appendicitis Ferum Phos 3x, Belladonna 30, Iris T 30 [After Every 15 Min]
Asthma Grindelia Q + Blatta Q + Luffa Op 6x [15 Drop 3 Tds]
Backache Mag Phos 6x [4 Tab 2 Tds]
Bad Body Odour Sulphur 30
Bad Breath Merc Sol 30
Baldness In Young Bart Carb 30
Bed Wetting Cina 30 [4 Pill 2 Tds], Kali Phos 3x, Silica 12x
Birth Spot Lycopodium 30
Blackheads Asterias R 30
Blackish Skin Carb Veg 30
Breast [Cracked] Sarsaparilla 6
Breast [Undeveloped] Onosmodium 30
Breast Atrophy Pitutarine 200, Onosmodium 6, Sabal Ser 30, K.Iod.30
Bronchitis Ferum Phos 6x, *Stodal Cough Syrup
Burns *Calendula Q, *Cantharis 30 [4 Pill/Hr.], Hep. Sulph 30 [4 A Week Septic After Burn]
Cataract Cineraria [Eye Drop]
Chicken Pox Ferum Phos 6x, Kali Mur 6x
Cholera *Veratrum Alb 30, *Cuprum Met 30
Cold & Flu AF 200 [4 Tab 4 Tds], Sanguinaria Q
Colic *Colocynth 6 [4 Pill/2hr.], *Mag Phos 6x [4 Pill In Warm Water/Hr.], Chamomila 200
Colitis [Dysentery] Ipecac 30, Merc Cor 30
Conjunctivitis Ferum Phos 3x, Euphrasia 30
Constipation Bio No.4, Parafin 30 [Child], Nox Vomiva 30 [Adult]
Corns Thuja Q [Liq.], Thuja 30 [2tds]
Cramps In Calf Currum Met 200 [1 Dose Daily] Ir, Mag Phos 3x [3 Pill 3 Tds]
Dandruff Nat Mur 6x, Mezerium 30, Kali Sulph 6x
Dental Prob. [Pyorrhea, Gingivitis] Homeodent Tooth Paste
Dentition Calc Carb 30 [Morning], Chamomila 30 [Evening], Calc Phos 3x [3 Pill 3 Tds]
Dentition [Delayed 4 Child] Denton [Tab/ Syrup]
Depression & Anxiety Tranquil [2 Tab 4 Tds]
Diabetes Bio No.7, Syzigium Jam Q [15 Drop/Day], Dibonil [10-15 Drop In 1/4th Cup Of Water Before 1/2hr. Of Meal]
Dysmenorrhoea [Painful Menstruation] Dysmin [4 Tab 4 Tds]
Ear Wax Conium 30
Earache *Chamomila 30, Mullein [4 Drop 4tds]
Eyes [Black Around] Phos Acid 30, *Kali Phos 6x
Face [Sunken] Ant Tart 30
Falls/Injury *Arnica 30, Ledum P 200 [Prevent Tetanus]
Fatty Abdomen [Female] Sepia 200
Fatty Abdomen [Male] Amonium Mur 30
Fever Aconite 30, *Bio No.11
Fissure Acid Nit 30 [Morning], Ratanhia 30 [4 Pill]
Fissure & Piles FP 200 [Tab/Ointment] [4tab 4tds,Ointment 2tds]
Fracture Calc Carb 30 [Morning], Sympthytum 30 [Evening], Calc Phos 6x [3 Pill 3 Tds]
Green Spot Conium 30
Growth [Retarded] Calc Phos 30, Rite-Hite [2 Tab Once In A Week]
Hair [Brittle] Kali Carb 30
Hair [Curly] Mezerium 30
Hair [Dry] Ambra Gr. 30
Hair [Greasy] Bryonia 30
Hair [Lusterless] Thuja 30
Hair [Sticks Together] Nat Mur 30
Hair [Tangles Easily] Borox 30
Hair [Unwanted Facial] Oleum Jac 6, Thyroidinum 200, Medorrhinum 200 [History Of Gonorrhoea], Ashokarist
Hair Falling / Graying Lycopodium 30 [Morning], Siliea 6x [5-6 Mth], Phos 30 [Falling] / Jaborandi 6x [Hair Oil], [Graying], Phos Acid 30 [Evening], Silica 12x, All Hair Prob Montana Oil & Shampoo
Hairy Body Female Thyroidinum 30
Headaches [All Type] Relaxhed [5-6 Drop/3-4tab 4tds]
Heart Problem Tonicard* Gold Drop [20-30 Drop 3 Tds]
Height [Increase] Calc Phos 1000 [Every Week], Thyroidinum 200, Pitutarin 200 [Once In Mth]
Hemorrhoids [Piles] Fer Phos 6x, Calc Flour 6x
Hiccoughs Mag Phos 6x [4 Tab/Hr In Warm Water]
Hormonal Obesity [Female] Cimicifuga 30
Hypermetropia Sepia 200
Ill Effect Of Grief & Tension Kali Phos 30
Ill Effect Of Pollution Ambrs Gr.30 / Echinacea 30
Impotency Lycopodium 30, Agnus Cast 30, Phos Acid 30, Caladium Seg 30
Influenza [Flu] **Influenzium 200, *Eupatorium P 30, *Gelsemium 30
Insect Bite Ledum P 30, Urtica Uren 30 [Alternatively]
Insomnia [Sleeplessness] Passiflora Q [10 Drop In Water], Kali Phos 6x
Jaundice *Chelidonium Q [Both 10 Drop 3 Tds 15 Days], Chionanthus Q
Joint Pain Orthomuv [2tds, Sprain, Strain, Backache]
Leprosy Hydrocotyle 6
Leucoderma Arsen Sulph Flav 6x [4 Pill 2 Tds 4-5 Mth] U.V.Rays
Leucorrhoea Pelvorin [4 Tab 4tds 2 Week] [Pain In Back, Abdomen,Itching,Redness,Burning Micturition,Vaginitis]
Lipoma Calc Carb 30, Bart Carb 30, Lapis Alb 6
Lips [Black] Ars Alb 30
Lips [Cracked] Nat Mur 30
Lips [Dry] Nux Mosch 30
Liver Disorder Liv-T [2 Teaspoon 3 Tds]
Lumbago Agaricus 30 [Mor] Ir, Kali Ox 30 [Eve]
Masturbation Ph Acid30
Measles Belladonna 30, Pulsatilla 30, Fer Phos 6x, Kali Mur 6x
Mouth Ulcers [Apthae] Borax 6 [Mor], Acid Sulph 6 [Eve]
Myopia Physostigma 6
Nails [Brittle] Silicea 30
Nails [Non Growing] Red Brom 30
Nervine Tonic Sativol [2 Teaspoon 3tds]
Obesity Phytolaca Berry [2 Tab 3tds], Fucus V Q, Calc Carb 30, Calotropis Q [10-15 Drop In Water 2 Tds], Obesity After Child *Sepia 200[Once In Week], Obesity D/T Hypothyroid Thyroidinum 6x, Fucus V Q
Paleness Fer Met 30
Peptic Ulcer Ornithogalum Q [10 Drop/3tds], Hydrastis Q
Polio Plumbum Met 30 & Lathyrus Sat 30 [Both At Mor 4 2 Mth], Kali Phos 6x [3 Pill 3 Tds]
Psoriasis Bio No 20 [4-6 Mth]
Pyorrhea Bio No 18, Merc Sol 30, Pyrogene 200
Renal Stone Paraira Brava Q [10 Drop/Every 2 Hr], Berberis V 30 [4 Left Sided / 4 Pill 3 Tds], Lycopodium 30 [4 Right Sided ], *Mag Phos 6x [4 Pill In Warm Water / Hr] Best Pain Reliever
Rickets Silicea 1000 [Every 15 Days], Calc Phos 6x [3 Pill 3 Tds]
Scar After Surgery Staphysagria 30
Scar Of Acne Carb An 30
Skin [Dry] & Crack *Petrolium 30, *Alumina 30
Skin [Greasy] Thuja 30
Skin [Hard] Rhus Tox 30
Skin Cracked Petrolium 30
Slipped Disc Rhus Tox 30, Ruta 30, Calc Flour 30
Squint Gelsenium 30
Stammering Causticum 30
Styes Pulsatilla 30
Sun Allergy Lachesis 200
Sunstroke Glonoine 200 [3 Pill/10 Min]
Sweating [Offensive] Nit Acid 30
T.B. Ars.Lod.200 [Once In Week], Calc Phos 3x [Mor], Fer Phos [Eve] [2-3 Mth]
Teeth [Black] Fluoric Acid 30
Teeth [Loose] Carb An 30
Thinness Calc Phos 30
Thyroid Disorder Iodium 30 [Hyperthyroidism] , Thyroidinum 6x [Hypothyroidism]
Tongue [Cracked] Nit Acid 30
Tonsillitis Belladonna 30 [Acute], Hep Sulph 30 [Chronic], Tonsilat [1tab 4 Tds]
Toothache Plantago Q, Chamomila 200 [Children], Mag Phos 6x [4 Pill In Hot Water]
Urine Burning Cantharis 6 [4 Pill 3 Tds]
Warts Thuja 30
Weight [Increase] Alfalfa Tonic [15-20 Drop In Water 2 Tds]
White Spot A.S.F. 30
Worms *Cina 1000 [1 Dose/Week], Wormorid [2tab 4tds 2week]
Wound [Non Healing] Hepar Sulph 30, At 200 [Treat Sprain Fracture Punctured Wound, Lumbago Gout Rheumatic joint Pain] [4tab 4tds]
Wrinkles Lycopodium 30
Yellow Teeth Iodium 30

1. AGRIMONY: Humorous hides mental torture from others.
10. CRAB-APPLE: Self dislike, concern of dirt.
11. ELM: Temporary lack of confidence in discharge of duties- trustee, doctor, family head. [Overwhelmed by inadequacy & responsibility.
12. GENTIAN: Depression for known cause discourage due to failure at school. Doubt discouragement.
13. GORSE: hopelessness pessimistic. 'oh, what's the use'
14. HEATHER: Self centered ness, making mountain of moles. Every talk about his owns ‘I’. egoistic
15. HOLY: Jealousy, hatred, suspicious, anger, worried, afraid, sex indulgence, sex mania.
16. HONEYS SUCKLE: Dwells in the memories of the past. Home sickness not living in present.
17. HORN BEAM: Monday morning feeling tiresomeness in thought & not due to physical exhaustion.
18. IMPATIENS: Quick & impatient extreme mental tension, irritability, excessive reaction.
19. LARCH: Lack of confidence a convinced after failure & no attempts though capable full of interest & ambitions.
2. ASPEN: Fears of unknown things [feelings, vague].
20. MIMULUS: Fears of known things heard or seen. Nervousness, shyness.
21. MUSTARD: Depression & fear for unknown cause.
22. OAK: Optimistic, ease less efforts even in despair, fighting without loss of hope.
23. OLIVE: Exhaustion after exertion completes mentally & physically lack of interest- depression.[fatigued-drained of energy]
24. PINE: Putting blame on them feeling of guilt self blame.
25. RED CHEST NUT: Fear and anxiety for family & others.
26. ROCK ROSE: Extreme fear panic emergency.
27. ROCK WATER: Rigid minded, inflexible.
28. SCLERANTHUS: Lazy persons postpone doing now or afterwards. Uncertainty/ indecision/ fluctuating mood.
29. STAR OF BETHLEHEM: Many shocks in life. Mental or physical.
3. BEECH: Order and discipline everywhere [intolerance].
30. VERVEIN: Strain & tension.
31. VINE: Dominator or tyrant – Hitler type
32. WILLOW: For resentment put blame on others.
33. WILD OAT: Weak anemic despondent.
34. WILD ROSE: Resigned- loss of interest- no efforts to improve.
35. WATER VIOLET: Proud / reserved / enjoy to be alone / aloof
36. WALNUT: To adjust [puberty, menopause, divorce, new surroundings]
37. SWEET CHEST NUT: Link breaker.[they feel that they have reached the limits of endurance]
38. RESCUE: cherry plum + clematis + impatiens + rock rose + star of Bethlehem [shock, terror, emotional upset, stage fright]
39. WHITE CHEST NUT: Persistent unwanted thoughts, preoccupation with some worry or episode. Mental arguments.
4. CENTANRY: No individuality submits to [weakness of will power].
5. CERATO: Asking for advice doing their own talkative [doubt their own judgment, seeks confirmation of others]
6. CHERRY PLUM: Unable to resist impulse [temptation, emotion, desperation], [uncontrolled, irrational thoughts]
7. CHESTNUT BUD: Lack of observation repeated mistakes. Forgets the past easily.
8. CHICORY: Self love self pity- possessiveness. Cross when no attended.
9. CLEMATIS: Day dreamers, absent-minded-lack of concentration. Prefers to be alone with his thoughts. Poor memory needs much sleep.
Dose 2 drop/3 tds in a water Lack Of Interest.


1 Any Disease
2[9] Inflammatory Diseases Of Brain & Covering Membrane Apoplexy, Lock Jaw, Spasm Of Eye Ms, Convulsion, Delirium In Fever, Mania [Cerebral Excitement], Sunstroke, Hydrocephalus, Brain Fag.
3 Nervous Affection Of The Brain Sleeplessness, Lethargy, Drowsiness, Nervous Giddiness, Migraine, Nervous Headache, Loss Of Memory, Paralysis Of Ms Of Eye, Epilepsy.
4 Diseases Of Spinal Cord, Its Meninges & Spinal Nerves Cramp & Convulsion Of Limb, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Tabes Dorsalis [Apply No.2 Ointment & Massage]
5 Acute & Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Of Eye Acute & Chronic Conjunctivitis, Granular Conjunctivitis, Lachrymal Apparatus, Abundant Flow Or Dryness Of Tears, Diseases Of Meibomian Gland/ Cyst, Inversion & Eversion Of Eyelids, Acute Keratitis, Spots On Cornea [Leucoma], Pannus, Acute & Chronic Inflammation Of Lens & Capsule, Cataract, Iritis, Diseases Of Sclerotic, Choroids, Retina, Optic Nerve, Paralysis Of Rectii
6 Nervous & Neuralgic Diseases Of The Eye Weakness Of Sight Or Night Blindness, Narcotic Sub, Derangement Of Optic Nerve, Double Vision, Optic Illusions Or Hallucinations, Photophobia, Myopia, Spasms Of Eye Ms, Neuralgia Of Eyeball Or Eyebrows, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia
7 Diseases Of Ear Inflammation Of Auricle, Polypus, Inflammation Of Middle Ear, Tympanum, Ossicles, Nerve Apparatus, Deafness, Illusion
8 Diseases Of Nose & Mouth {Inflammation Of Mucous Membrane, Nasal Bone, Cartilage, Coryza, Purulent Discharge, Formation Of Crust In Nose, Ozaena [Bad Smell], Loss Of Smell, Epistaxis [Bleeding Through Nose], Cancer, Lupus, Ulcer, Bony Growth} Inflammation Of Mouth [Stomatitis] Ulceration, Aphthae [Thrush], Inflammation Of Tongue, Parotid Gland, Mumps, Excessive Or Deficiency Secretion Of Saliva, Inflammation Of Gums, Gumboils, Dental Fistulae, Paralysis Of Tongue, Loss Of Taste & Perversion Of Taste, Cancer Of Mouth Or Tongue
9 Affection Of Trigeminal & Facial Nerve Tic-Douloureux, Neuralgia Of Face, Convulsion, Contortion, Facial Paralysis
10 Diseases Of The Throat Inflammation Of Mucous Membrane Of Throat [Pharyngitis], Tonsillitis, Elongation Of Uvula, Relax Condition Of Soft Palate, Spasm, Difficulty In Swallowing
11 Diseases Of Larynx Laryngitis, loss of voice, spasm, paralysis of vocal cord
12 Diseases of trachea, bronchi, lungs, pleurae Inflammation of trachea & bronchi, capillary bronchitis, emphysema, incipient phthisis, pleurisy, pneumonia, asthma, whooping cough
13 Diseases of heart, arteries, vein Diseases of heart & covering membrane, hypertrophy, arteriosclerosis, dilation of heart, aneurysm, cardiac pain, angina pectoris, palpitation, giddiness, fainting, phlebitis [inflammation of vein], varicose vein & ulcer, varicocele, high B.P.
14 Diseases of digestive system {Diseases of stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, pancreas} spasm of gastritis, relieve pain, diarrhea & constipation, intestinal colic & tenesmus, dysentery, peritonitis, ascitis, piles
15 A dynamic Diseases of digestive system Cholera, typhoid, prostration, lienteria
16 Diseases of urinary & genital organ of men Inflammation of kidney [nephritis] & bladder [cystitis], pain in kidney [nephralgia] & renal colic, enlargement of prostate gland, difficult & frequent micturition, orchitis [inflammation of testicles], epididymitis, hydrocele, varicocele, spermatorrhoea, impotence, inflammation of urethra
17 Diseases of kidney & bladder & genital organ of female Inflammation & neuralgia of ovaries, tumors of ovaries & uterus, Diseases of womb, inactive labour pain, puerperal fever, inflammation of breasts, abscess & sinus, tumor of breast, scantiness of milk

18 Syphilitic & gonorrheal affections, blood impurities Buboes, syphilis, atropine drop [prevent formation of adhesion], syphilitic iritis,
19 Diseases of the skin Acute Diseases : -eruptive fever, measles, small pox, scarlatina, herpes, urticaria, intertrigo, boils & abscesses, carbuncle, anthrax, malignant pustule, scabies [itch], psoriasis & leprosy
20 Affection of ms, tendon, fibro-lig, serous, synovial membrane rheumatism, gout Rheumatic fever, gonorrheal rheumatism & gonorrheal synovitis, cystic tumors, inflammation of serous membrane
21 Diseases of bones & periosteum Rheumatism, inflammation of fibrous tissue, arthritis, periostitis, chronic affection of joint, bony growth [exostosis] whitlow [inflammation of finger & toes, psoas & iliac abscesses, rickets
22 Diseases of lymphatic system Inflammation of lymphatic vessels [lymphangitis], lymphatic gland [lymph-adenitis], scrofula, mesenteric gland, goiter, T.B. of lungs, suppression of lochia or of milk
23 Diseases of sympathetic nervous system; intermittent & periodic affection Double vision, deficient sight, intermittent headaches, nervous cardiac palpitation, nervous spasmodic breathing, somnambulism [sleep walking], hysterical affection, hypochondrasis, home sickness, catalepsia
24 Anti-adynamic or tonic specific Exhaustion, prostration & collapse, sexual debility, anemia, leucorrhea, starvation or underfeeding
25 Diseases caused by retention of humours Painful menstruation, leucorrhoea, amenorrhea leading to chlorosis, vicarious menstruation, menopause
26 Hemorrhage from any organ Traumatic hemorrhage, apoplexy [cerebral hemorrhage], prevent abortion,
27 Constipation
28 Dyspepsia Chronic derangement of digestive system
29 Spermatorrhoea
30 Diabetes
31 Leucorrhea
32 Typhoid fever
33 Worms
External specifics
1 Eye Diseases 2 drop + 2 dram of boiled water [ injury in eye no.6 is used]
2 Rheumatic & gouty affection Pain in ms, bone, joint, serous effusion, pain & inflammation due to injury, neuralgic pain, headache
3 All skin affection Non syphilitic, boils, abscesses, carbuncles, eczema [no.3& glycerin or oil], wounds by burning or scalding, affection of lymphatic sys, scrofulous gland, filarial inflammation of scrotum, limbs with swelling, enlargement of thyroid gland, all tumors
4 Syphilitic, gonorrheal affection Unhealthy granulation, itching, eruption, septic wound, foul smelling discharge
6 Anti inflammatory, anti hemorrhage Cerebral congestion, stop bleeding from wound, inflammation of any part, tonsil operation, inflamed throat, piles