In Re: Bacardi 151/666 Portorican PiQue Sauce (Homemade Hot Sauce) & Flaming Toad (Bar Drink)

The Hot Sauce gets its name from Bacardi 151 Rum being used in the Recipe, along with using 6 Habanero Peppers, 6 Pequin Peppers, and 6 Scotch Bonnet Peppers, which those 3 different EXTREMELY HOT Peppers comprise the 666 portion of the name, and Homemade Hot Sauce is called Pique Sauce in Porto Rico and since the Bacardi Rum Factory is also in Porto Rico and the ingredients create a Pique Style Hot Sauce, then it qualifies as Portorican PiQue Sauce, but I also use special capitalization to turn the word Pique into Pi + Que (PiQue), which Pi is Relative to a Circle and Que means “What?” in Spanish, which then turns the word “PiQue” into Perpetual Questioning, which then qualifies as Perpetual Motion, as in Eternal Life.

Here’s what you need to make your own Homemade Bacardi 151/666 Portorican PiQue Sauce for home, office, or recreational use:

- Empty 750ml Bottle of Bacardi 151 Rum (or any 750ml Rum Bottle)
- 3 ounces/shots Bacardi 151 Rum
- 6 Habanero Peppers (sliced into 1/8”-to-1/4” rings)
- 6 Pequin Peppers (sliced into 1/8”-to-1/4" rings)
- 6 Scotch Bonnet Peppers (sliced into 1/8”-to-1/4" rings)
- 6 Sprigs of Recao/Culantro (not Cilantro)
- 6 Cloves of Garlic (sliced into 1/8”-to-1/4” slices and properly aerated for maximum sulfating possible (for nutritional and natural preservation purposes))
- 1 tablespoon Betis Olive Oil (yellow can variety) or Pumpkinseed Oil
- sufficient amount of boiling hot Filtered or Distilled Water to finish filling the bottle

Carefully remove the plastic pour-spout on the alcohol bottle and add/put all of the bulk ingredients in the bottle, except the Oil, then top it off with the boiling hot Filtered or Distilled Water, leaving a 1” air space, then pour in enough Olive-or-Pumpkinseed Oil to end-up with 1/2” air space (about a tablespoon), then replace the plastic pour-spout and cap the bottle tightly, shake slightly to mix the ingredients and store upright for 6+ months in a dark warmish location, like in the cupboard or in the pantry or under the sink or behind the toilet; and the longer you store it, the better it gets/tastes, since the natural fermentation process goes down longer and giving the bottles a stirring shake periodically will enhance the flavor of the final product and mold may form on the surface of the liquid in the neck of the bottle, just use a toothpick or wooden matchstick to remove the mold, after opening the bottle for use, then wipe the inside of the neck with a paper napkin and ENJOY, but the Oil should prevent the mold from occurring, since the Oil’s sole purpose in the Mix is to provide an airtight atmosphere for the Mix to ferment in, that’s why the bottle(s) should be stored in an upright position, not laying down, that way the Oil rises to the top and seals-off the liquid from the little bit of Air/Oxygen in the bottle and mold then has a much less chance of forming during the curing/fermentation/marinade period/process and Vacuum-Popping will speed-up the flavors being disbursed into the liquid, whereas Vacuum-Popping is simply putting something under a vacuum for a short period of time, 10-to-15 seconds, while suspended in a liquid, then releasing the vacuum and going back to ambient pressure, then doing it again, repeatedly, until the desired affect is had; because when the bulk ingredients are placed under a vacuum, while suspended in a liquid, the liquid is sucked into the bulk ingredients, then when the vacuum is released, the liquid flows out of the bulk ingredients, then by repeating that process, you create a flow in-and-out of the bulk ingredients and the liquid, and the wonderful flavors of the bulk ingredients are transferred into the liquid much faster and it’s how you can speed-up the curing process period considerably, to the point the Hot Sauce can be made one day and ready to use 24 hours later, instead of 6 months later, like the natural process requires, but the natural process also includes a fermentation process and I’m not sure what Vacuum-Popping will do to enhance the fermentation process, I haven’t had a chance to run that experiment yet, it’s still on my List of things-2-dew when I can, but Vacuum-Popping will enhance the flavor nicely but a simple vacuum, from the hot water cooling down in the Bottle and letting it sit for a few months, will result in a natural end-product that’s full of tongue-tingling flavors.

The end product is a simple Hot Sauce that’s full of awesome flavors and it will knock your socks off too but if you want it Hot enough to knock your boots off, just double-up on the Peppers or triple-up or more, whatever suits your tastes, but the Original 666 Recipe is Hot enough to light-up most people’s mouths, bellies, and rectums, so adding more Peppers to the Mix is only for those who like their Hot Sauce BEYOND Hot but adding CERTAIN other varieties of Peppers will make it better but it can also make it even Hotter, whereas the Original 666 Recipe is plenty Hot by itself, yet simple, and it has the right flavors in the Mix to make it an awesome flavor addition to your primary meals, as well as Hot enough to scorch your mouth handsomely and warm your belly and insides pleasantly, irregardless how Hot you like your Hot Sauce, but your rectum may disagree.

The Bacardi 151/666 Portorican PiQue Sauce is the Hot Sauce recommended for a Flaming Toad:

- 1 shot Bacardi 151/666 Portorican PiQue Sauce (or other comparable Hot Sauce)
- 1 shot 100+ Proof quality Potato Vodka (i.e. Stoli’s 100 Proof from Russia; or UV-103 from Washington State, USA; etc.)

Have the shot of Vodka in your primary hand and the shot of Hot Sauce in your other hand, then ‘down’ the Hot Sauce FIRST, straight down the gullet, then follow it IMMEDIATELY with the shot of Vodka, straight down the gullet too. You will NOT feel the burn of the Hot Sauce in your mouth but you will feel it in your stomach, about 5 seconds after drinking it, but it feels really-really good, even if you have Stomach Ulcers; especially since Hot Peppers are the NATURAL CURE for Stomach Ulcers and the Bacardi 151/666 Portorican PiQue Sauce is 100% Natural, with no added ingredients that you don’t want, like Sodium Chloride (oxidizes/rusts the Iron in your blood), Distilled Vinegar (weakens your bones), Xanthan Gum (bacterial poop that originates from processed-food-waste, that was UNFIT for human consumption before the bacterium ate it and pooped it out), or the likes.

With that, a Flaming Toad actually qualifies as a healthy Bar Drink, besides a great way to eat a Potato, it’s also a great way to get the Hot Peppers your diet NEEDS, but it’s also excellent to drink 1 just before a meal, since it washes-off your tongue nicely and leaves your taste buds cleaner, to then be able to taste your food better, and a Flaming Toad doesn’t have the adverse effects that Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) has, it doesn’t strip the lining of your Stomach and/or Intestines, besides stripping your Tongue to expose fresh taste buds, whereas a Flaming Toad enhances the flavor of your food differently, it naturally cleanses your tongue and afterwards, while passing thru your Stomach and Intestines, it NATURALLY FORCES your body to reinforce the lining of your Stomach and Intestines, which then betters your Digestive Health, which then betters your overall Happiness & Wellbeing.

A Flaming Toad is guaranteed to warm you up, even on the coldest of days/nights and it’s an excellent way to add Hot Peppers to your diet, without the burning sensation manifesting in your mouth afterwards but your Digestive System gets the stuff it needs.

“The People’s Happiness and Wellbeing is the ONLY object of good government.” - Thomas Jefferson