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Thread: Pokeweed pokes back: natural cure for many things, possibly AIDS?

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    Lightbulb Pokeweed pokes back: natural cure for many things, possibly AIDS?

    The following excerpt is from: The North American Guide to Common Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms (page 188); by Nancy J. Turner & Patrick von Aderkas:

    “American pokeweed also contains mitogenic lectins that can cause serious and wide-ranging blood cell abnormalities. The pokeweed mitogens affect division of human white blood cells and induce the proliferation of B and T lymphocytes, disturbing the body’s immune system. The mitogens can be absorbed through cuts and skin abrasions, as well as through ingesting the plant. Therefore, American pokeweed should not be handled except with gloves. Gardeners and others trying to eliminate the plant should be particularly careful.”

    Here’s what WikiPedia says about B and T lymphocytes:


    Main article: Lymphocyte

    Lymphocytes are much more common in the lymphatic system than in blood. Lymphocytes are distinguished by having a deeply staining nucleus that may be eccentric in location, and a relatively small amount of cytoplasm. Lymphocytes include:

    B cells make antibodies that can bind to pathogens, block pathogen invasion, activate the complement system, and enhance pathogen destruction.

    T cells:

    CD4+ helper T cells: T cells displaying co-receptor CD4 are known as CD4+ T cells. These cells have T-cell receptors and CD4 molecules that, in combination, bind antigenic peptides presented on major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II molecules on antigen-presenting cells. Helper T cells make cytokines and perform other functions that help coordinate the immune response. In HIV infection, these T cells are the main index to identify the individual's immune system integrity.

    CD8+ cytotoxic T cells: T cells displaying co-receptor CD8 are known as CD8+ T cells. These cells bind antigens presented on MHC I complex of virus-infected or tumour cells and kill them. Nearly all nucleated cells display MHC I.

    γδ T cells possess an alternative T cell receptor (different from the αβ TCR found on conventional CD4+ and CD8+ T cells). Found in tissue more commonly than in blood, γδ T cells share characteristics of helper T cells, cytotoxic T cells, and natural killer cells.

    Natural killer cells are able to kill cells of the body that do not display MHC class I molecules, or display stress markers such as MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence A (MIC-A). Decreased expression of MHC class I and up-regulation of MIC-A can happen when cells are infected by a virus or become cancerous.

    By what I see, your body reacts to the pokeweed and sets-up a natural defense to it, via generating special white blood cells in abundance, so you can then eat it and the normally toxic mixture can then be handled by your body, due to the defenses it has pre-setup. I’ve personally tried eating it without blanching, by tossing it directly into my bean soup and by lightly boiling the leaves and then eating them, just like Spinach, and I’ve eaten young leaves and shoots raw in salads and lightly sautéed in butter, but every time I had picked them fresh so I had the natural defenses setup and I never once felt sick afterwards, instead, I always felt really great and full of energy.

    Combined with a natural vegetable protein, such as beans, pokeweed is an excellent wild greens to eat to build muscle and a stronger immune system, which AIDS sufferers may benefit from, which the toxins in pokeweed may also be detrimental to the AIDS Virus. I do not know how the pokeweed will affect the AIDS Virus directly, when eaten, but even if it doesn’t have any direct effect on the virus itself, the boost to the person’s immune system should be beneficial and the boost in muscular energy is always an advantage, sick or not.

    So I recommend eating pokeweed for health reasons alone, and the young leaves or young shoots can be eaten raw but you must gather it fresh and eat it immediately afterwards and do not eat a lot raw, and be sure to rub a few leaves on your skin or come into contact with the bush before eating it raw or even cooked, since your body has to prepare itself for the onslaught of toxins it’s about to get hit with and the easy way to do that is to simply come into physical contact with the fresh leaves and then your body generates the white blood cells necessary to handle the incoming toxins, NATURALLY.

    It’s known as Source Plant Association Therapy & Nutrition (SPAT’N), where you first associate with the plant of that which you are about to eat, then you eat the fruit of that plant or eat the plant itself; because when the originating plant has a WEIRD effect on your body, like what happens with pokeweed, there’s a medicinal/nutritional value in that, like what’s the case with pokeweed, so any plants we eat or eat its fruit and that plant has weird effects on our body, just by coming into close contact with the plant may be medicinally beneficial to do before eating its fruit or eating it, like is the case with pokeweed, and since there are probable medicinal uses for what certain plants cause our bodies to do, a more comprehensive study needs to be performed to develop a SPAT’N regiment to use for natural cures, for things that ail us because pokeweed itself has medicinal uses, just from coming into contact with the plant.

    The SPAT’N Research Study needs to be done on Pokeweed and ALL edible plants!

    As to eating the pokeweed raw, after coming into proper contact with the pokeweed to kick your immune system into overdrive, add 5-to-10 fresh leaves or fresh shoots to other salad greens such as these:

    *Check out Spring Mix*

    Any or all of these can also be added to that pre-mix:

    Beet Greens
    Fiddlehead Fern
    Lambs Quarters
    Miner’s Lettuce
    Mustard Greens
    Plantain (the weed not the banana like fruit)
    Salad Burnet
    Sheep’s Sorrel
    Turnip Greens
    Violet Leaves
    Wild Claytonia
    Wild Garlic
    Wild Onions
    Wild Ramps (aka: wild leeks)
    Green Onions
    Edible Grasses
    Bean Sprouts
    Alfalfa Sprouts
    Sugar Snap Peas
    Snow Peas
    Black Olives
    Black Pepper
    Hot Peppers (any and all - the hotter the better)
    Mushrooms (especially wild mushrooms with bugs included: ‘mushroom bugs’ (bugs that commonly eat mushrooms) are an AWESOME source for SPECIAL nutrients and ALL ‘mushroom bugs’ are edible and ALL mushrooms that are being truly “eaten” by bugs or animals, like turtles, the mushroom is edible; and each different type of ‘mushroom bug’ has its own SPECIAL concoction of nutrients and different mushrooms attract different bugs; and adding certain Ants to your diet is also beneficial, especially Fire Ants, even some Spiders have special nutritional benefits to them, as well as other bugs too, but MANY bugs are edible and the source of special nutrients)

    And anything on this list is excellent to add to your greens salad:

    52 Wild Plants You Can Eat : Waking Times
    Sweet Potatoes are also a great addition to an active person’s diet. Also, when eating foods high in Oxalic Acid, such as most of everything I just mentioned above, you need to be muscularly active afterwards, which means you need to be working your muscles after eating foods high in Oxalic Acid and that’s because your muscles need Oxalic Acid in them when using them, for proper operation, but when you don’t have Oxalic Acid in your muscles and you use them, you damage the muscle, but if you have high levels of Oxalic Acid in your muscles and you don’t use them, it also damages your muscles. So anytime you eat foods high in Oxalic Acid, do so only when you will be using your muscles for a few hours afterwards or you will be damaging your body by eating those healthy greens.

    Your body is a Chemistry Set on Legs and with a Mouth, and it doesn’t need Calories, it needs the right Chemicals and for them to be eaten/ingested at the most correct time for optimal use afterwards.

    Bon Appetite!


    Ps: Stay away from ANYTHING that has Xanthan Gum as an ingredient and many Salad Dressings have Xanthan Gum in them. Xanthan Gum is SERIOUSLY BAD for you. It is nothing short of Bacterial SHIT given a fancy-dancy new name!

    Xanthan Gum is made by feeding glucose or lactose to bacteria and the resulting poop of the bacteria is what they call Xanthan Gum.

    Do not eat ANYTHING with Xanthan Gum in it!!! The bacteria used to make it causes leaf rot in many leafy plants, to include broccoli, so eliminate Xanthan Gum completely from your diet, as well as eliminating Sodium Chloride too (salt) and replace it with Potassium Nitrate.
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    As a follow-up to my OP and just in case you missed it, what SPAT'N dictates is that you should wash your face with your salad before you eat it. You should actually do that with EVERYTHING you eat.

    Aretha Franklin SAID IT:

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T that which you eat RIGHT and it will R-E-S-P-E-C-T you back RIGHT!

    It's known as Open System Nutrition, via the SPAT'N Rule.

    So wash your face with your salad before you eat it and, of course, ask the waiter or waitress to put the Dressing on the side, so you can Wash your face with the salad first, before you eat it. That'll blow their mind, until it gets out and then becomes a FAD.


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    Ps: You were brought-up NOT to PLAY with your food. The Truth is, you should play with your food.

    "Everything is Relative to SourCe and SourCe is Relative to Everything." (Open System Mathematical LAW of Relativity) - Old Toad Proverb

    "Everything's Refractal, Inversely." (Open System Mathematical LAW of Everything) - Old Toad Proverb

    "Order, via Control, breeds Chaos; whereas Control, via Order, isn't Control." (Open System Mathematical LAW of Order -vs- Control) - Old Toad Proverb

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