Homeopathy is far more than just a different set of “pills” for everyday ills. It provides a language for diagnosis and a range of approaches to health. This book provides the information necessary to use homeopathy to treat many everyday illnesses by focusing on the cause and the presenting symptoms. Central to this is an understanding of the homeopathic remedies themselves. The clear descriptions and illustrations in this book make the exploration of homeopathy and its medicines a delight and bring accurate use of homeopathy for minor ailments into the home. In addition, more serious conditions are described, and the way homeopathy can play a part in the holistic management of these conditions is explored.Dr. Andrew Lockie was a homeopathic physician and a member of the Royal College ofGeneral Practitioners and the Faculty of Homeopathy when he wrote the first edition ofEncyclopedia of Homeopathy. In this book, Andrew Lockie has provided an excellent andstraightforward introduction and overview of this broad subject. We, like Dr. Lockie,believe that many more people can access both the benefits of homeopathy andthe wonders of the remedies through this book.