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    1. Coccus cacti & Paroxysmal cough: Coccus cacti suits almost any paroxysmal cough when the attacks are violent, but not very close together, and are attended by much redness of the face and a general sense of feeling too hot. If irritation of the kidneys, with scanty, thick heavy urine, passed pretty often also attends, it is doubly indicated and the results will be brilliant.

    .....Dr. Boger C.M.

    2. Arnica in Pleuro-pneumonia: If pleura-pneumonia has followed upon an external injury, such as a blow, or a fractured rib, or some other traumatic cause, we should choose Arnica in preference to Bryonia.

    .....Dr. Hale R.

    3. Sinapis nigra in Colic: Everyone has patients with a Dioscorea colic, but when there is very offensive breath, the remedy called for is 'Sinapis nigra'.

    ......Dr. Robert Redfield

    4. Acalypha Indica on GI tract: Aclypha indica is indicated forhaemorrhagic broncho-pulmonary disdease especially with burning GI symptoms.

    ......Dr. Furman T. Kepler

    5. Leucorrhoea in Children: If there are no specific reasons for other remedies, I start treatment in young girls with mild catarrhal discharge (leucorrhoea) by giving Pulsatilla especially is the discharge is thick like cream, and then Sulphur or Sepia according to symptoms. If these remedies are not sufficient to effect a cure, then Cal. carb is mostly indicated.

    ......Dr. Wassily

    6. Lycopodium in infantile eczema: Lycopodium is a master remedy in infantile eczema.

    ....... Dr. Leon Renard

    7. Ignatia for Stage fright: To be given prophylactically a few doses on the day of performance, and one dose just before it.

    .......Dr. Bennett

    8. Ruta for straining flexor tendons: Ruta is the medicine for complaints from straining flexor tendons.

    .......Dr. C.C. Boericke

    9. When Carefully chosen remedy not responded: When not withstanding the carefully chosen remedy and the patient's faultless diet, the sick condition lies on the contrary is not at all changed, the cause usually lies in want of receptivity which we must seek to remove either by repeated small doses or by medicines recommended for deficient reaction.

    ......Dr. Boger C.M.

    10. Belladona in insomnia: I often use frequent doses of belladonna 1X to relieve the insomnia due to pain caused by rheumatism.

    ......Dr. Cuthbert

    11. Naja in Heart cases: Always prescribe Naja in heart cases when symptoms are scarce, unless guided away from it by some specific symptoms.

    ......Dr. Moore

    12. Pulsatilla in Tuberculosis: Pulsatilla is probably the strictly homeopathic remedy that I use most often in early tuberculosis.

    .......Dr. Walter sands Mills

    13. Bellis perennis in Soreness of joints: Bellis perennis is indicated when there is a bruised, strained feeling with general soreness of joints and muscles, resulting from exposure, and after vigorous physical exercise, and in Dr Hinsdale's experience, surpasses Arnica in these conditions.

    ........Dr. Skinner

    14. If old obscured symptoms returned: If old obscured symptoms, complained of perhaps months or years before the first prescription was made, reappear and trouble the patient, they should be carefully noted, and their course observed, but these symptoms should not be hastily prescribed for until a picture of the proper remedy is presented, for such conditions frequently appear and then disappear of themselves, never to return.

    .......Dr. Hardy

    15. 3 Pointers to Aethusa cynapium:

    Acute vomiting, diarhoea or chronic GI complaints.
    Milk intolerance
    Associated brain symptoms, anxiety, uneasiness, discontent, restlessness.

    ....... Dr. Furman T. Kepler

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    Cholera and Antim tart: It has the nausea, vomiting, loose stools, prostration, cold sweat, and stupor or drowsiness found in almost all bad cases of this disease, and I have seldom been obliged to give more than two or three doses, one after each vomiting before the case was relieved.


    Obstinate Constipation and Aloe: I was called to treat a child five years of age suffering from birth with a most obstinate form of constipation. He had to be forced and held to the stool crying and screaming all the while being totally unable to pass any faeces even after an enema. I then gave a few doses of Aloe 200 th and cured the whole trouble quickly and permanently.


    Liver Cancer and Cadmium: I frequently find cancer of the liver yielding to Calcarea ars. In every way but with a tendency to relapse, when a single dose of Cadmium in high potency will render the cure permanent.


    Scar and Graphitis: if you know a woman who is suffering from an old scar that has formed a lump, when she is about to go into confinement, give a dose of Graphitis as a general remedy, unless some other special remedy is called for.

    Dr. J.T.Kent

    Goitre and Iodum: I have cured many cases of Goitre with Iodine CM, every night for four nights, after the moon fulled and was waning.


    Fracture of Fingers and Symphytum: Fracture of hand and finger bones knit more quickly with Symphytum 30 two or three times a day for a week.

    Dr.Pierre Schmidt

    Cirrhosis of Liver and Muriatic acid: is useful in last stages of dropsy from Cirrhosis of Liver.


    Pain in biliary passage and Calcarea carb: when given in repeated dose of 30 th dilution relieves the pain attending the biliary passage.


    Animal/Insect bites and Cantharis: Cantharis 200 given internally quickly cures the inflamed and horrible swelling that may follow great bites.


    Uterine Contraction and Pulsatilla: It will very often cause in five minutes a very strong contraction of the uterus, sometimes almost in a painless way.


    Toothache and Plantago: Toothache with the 2X dilution of Plantago, I cure seven-tenths of all cases of this kind in about 15 minutes.

    Dr. Ruetlinger

    Appendicitis and Rhus tox is the homeopathic knife in appendicitis.


    Cramps and Viburnum Q: cramps in the abdomen and legs of pregnant women are controlled very quickly by this remedy.


    Blisters on Hand and Aristolochia: Blisters on the hands from heavy manual labour disappear overnight after the application of 10% Aristolochia ointment.

    Dr. Julius Mezger

    Claustrophobia and Argentum nit: Argentums nitricum cures Claustro-phobia.

    Dr. M.L.Tyler

    Weak Ankles and Natrum carb: Weakness of the ankles from childhood finds a good remedy in Natrum carb.

    Dr. E.B.Nash

    Stiff Back and Causticum: Painful stiffness of the back and sacrum, especially on rising from a chair.

    Dr. E.B.Nash

    Kreosote and Cancer Cervix: One has seen Kreosote 200 annihilative of the terrible odours that sometimes accompany cancer of the cervix, where if it did nothing more, it made life more supportable for patient and for entourage.

    Dr. M.L.Tyler

    Stiff neck and Belladona: Belladona is the best remedy for stiff neck of the rheumatic origin or from cold.


    Temperature and Sulphur: Sulphur dreads the cold in hot weather and the heat in cold weather:

    Dr. Constantine Hering.

    Kent on Potency: Never leave a remedy until you have tested it in a higher potency if it has benefited the patient.

    Dr.J.T. Kent.

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