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    Exam of the Abdomen

    The major components of the abdominal exam include:

    Observation, auscultation, percussion, and palpation. While these are the same elements which make up the pulmonary and cardiac exams, they are performed here in a slightly different order (i.e. auscultation before percussion) and carry different degrees of importance. Pelvic, genital, and rectal exams, all part of the abdominal evaluation, are discussed elsewhere.

    Think Anatomically:

    When looking, listening, feeling and percussing imagine what organs live in the area that you are examining. The abdomen is roughly divided into four quadrants: right upper, right lower, left upper and left lower. By thinking in anatomic terms, you will remind yourself of what resides in a particular quadrant and therefore what might be identifiable during both normal and pathologic states.

    01. Quadrants of the Abdomen
    02. Draping the Abdomen
    03. Various Causes of Abdominal Distension
    04. Abdominal Auscultation
    05. Abdominal Percussion
    06. Abdominal Palpation
    07. Rib Cage
    08. Hooking Edge of the Liver
    09. Location of the Kidneys
    10. Vascular Anatomy
    11. Assessing for a fluid wave

    and Much More with Pictures

    Exam of the Abdomen.htm

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    Interactive Guide to the Physical Examination

    Focusing on eight primary content areas -- head and neck, pulmonary, cardiovascular, abdominal, musculoskeletal, neurological, male and female genitalia-- this innovative product engages students with more than 45 digital video clips and 45+ colorful, interactive multimedia elements. Institutions could integrate this technology into a structured curriculum, or students could use it independently to develop and enhance their physical examination skills.

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