You Are Your Feelings

By Shawn Duyette

The inspiration from within creates our world without. When we offer the best vibration possible in each moment our world becomes like clay in the hands of a skilled sculptor. Amazingly enough there are few of us who take responsibility for our vibrational offerings. Perhaps in this culture we value thought above all else even when the thoughts are the very things making us feel bad.

You are not your thought. We create a new world for ourselves daily through our vibrational offerings. Unfortunately the world we create is the same day in and day out. In this time and space reality there is no yesterday and the new world we create is only as good as our ability to seek new thoughts and allow the world to be without getting stuck in habitual patterns of thought and action. As a people we have become accustomed to moving collectively with our thoughts like a school of frightened fish. We think about the same thoughts every day in mundane lethargy that feels listless and safe. In this state of pseudo safety we unknowingly invite our decline. What is not growing is declining. The key to a new and better world comes from those who access new thoughts and ideas in a conscious and systematic manner. Generally speaking these conscious few are the titans of spirituality, business, society and politics while the rest cruise along in the frightened school looking only to mate before they are eaten.

You are your feelings. We are electro-emotional beings ever offering a vibration called free will. Our will is how we create our reality. Our free will is made possible by the force created by our feelings and is essentially our interaction with the law of attraction. The ability to focus is due to our will power; our thought and feeling create our focus and what we focus upon gives the law of attraction forward momentum. The ability to create successfully depends on the strength created by feelings. The arrival of our manifestations is accelerated by feelings closer to the joyful end of the emotional scale. Choosing the best feeling thought within our reach in each moment yields better feelings. Feelings are the key to powerfully altering the course of your life.

Often we perceive that we are getting less than what we want in this life. Mainly this is due to a negative focus upon circumstances we hope to avoid. All the while we forget that we get what we focus on. When we allow the world to be without labeling and stereotypes and focused avoidance and opt to release resistance we begin to move forward again out of decline and into a place of empowered creation. The overall movement of this universe is toward love and health. There is no source of suffering but that which we create by our very ill feeling thought. Remember how to feel great by letting go of the need to control circumstance and go with the flow.

Somewhere along our growth, this young nation became rather enthusiastic in naming and blaming others and external circumstances for what is wrong with our lives. Very few of us choose from a deep place of power and connection to source the life we truly want to live. Dwelling consciously in the heartís well of peace which we all have access to we become conscious co-creators choosing constantly the thoughts and vibrational offerings that FEEL best. When we ask it is always given. What an amazing world we create when we choose first to feel good and then think!