The Third Level of Thinking

Today, I will illustrate third level thinking.

Many of you have already traveled to the third level.

So what's third level thinking?

The three levels are:

1. Thought
2. Words
3. Action

*I think all of us knows what is the first (of course limited to the positive ones )

so,,what is the second....the words

*Words are powerful.

Think of how many times you have been down and a cheerful or
encouraging word from a stranger has helped you make it through
the day and added sunshine.

On the opposite note, think how a caustic remark or an untactful
criticism has kept you up at night, unable to sleep.

Words are powerful; they are the second level.

and what about the third-level thinking,,'action??!!

*Third-level thinking automatically encompasses the first two
levels and greatly surpasses them.

Take your job as an example.

Everyone knows of someone at the job who is having problems.
It doesn't even need to be someone who is having problems,
just someone who has maybe helped you or that you admire.

Suppose you went to them and said, "I really admire the way that
you (fill in the blank), it really influenced me and helped to
make me better, I would really appreciate it if you would accept
this $5.00 and let me help buy your lunch today."

Remember, no matter who it is, you can always find something
positive (no matter how small) to say about them.

Thought, words, action – The Third Level.

That little $5 would make a MAJOR impact in someone's life.
It could very well be the best lunch that they've had in years.
It may even be a lunch seasoned with tears as they think there
is at least someone who appreciates them.

Everyone has the power for third level living. Some may think,
"I don't have any money to spare." It doesn't have to be money,
that's just one example. And you do have money to spare.

Just skip your lunch to buy someone else's. It won't hurt you,
it will actually do you good, I should know.
Source : Internet