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Thread: 10 Reasons to Stop Using Tobacco

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    10 Reasons to Stop Using Tobacco

    1. You値l Feel Better
    Right away you will breathe easier and cough less.
    Circulation to your feet and hands will improve.
    More blood will reach your brain, keeping you mentally strong and reducing the risk of stroke.

    2. Your Energy Will Improve
    More oxygen (and less carbon monoxide) will reach your heart, lungs and muscles. You値l fee stronger and have more energy.
    You値l be able to walk farther without running out of breath.
    You may even sleep better.

    3. You値l Reduce the Risk of Illness
    Your body will be better able to fight off colds and flu.
    Within the first year, your risk of smoking related heart disease will be cut in half.
    After 10 years, your risk reduces to that of a non-smoker

    4. You値l Live Longer
    70 percent of seniors who quit smoking live longer than their peers.
    With better health you値l enjoy life more!

    5. Food Will Taste Better
    Your sense of smell and taste will return!
    Your appetite will improve and you値l get more enjoyment out of eating!

    6. You値l Save Money
    Figure out how much money you spend each week on cigarettes.
    Multiply that amount by 52 weeks to find out how much you will save each year

    7. You値l Look Better
    Your clothes and breath will no longer smell like smoke.
    Your teeth will be whiter.
    You値l lose the yellow nicotine stains on your fingers

    8. Your Self Esteem Will Improve
    You will feel more in control of your life.
    Your self esteem will improve by knowing you are doing something positive to help yourself!

    9. You値l Protect Those You Love
    Quitting will reduce the risk of cancer and other serious illnesses to your family
    You will reduce illness caused by second hand smoke.
    You will set a good example for others!

    10. It痴 Never Too Late!
    If you致e tried to quit before, you are a step closer to quitting!
    Think of past efforts as a learning experience. They have given you the practice and experience to help you succeed now!

    Prepared by Health Promotion Naval Medical Center,Portsmouth.
    Thank you GOD

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    The truth is, that you only need one reason and will.

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