Diet is an integral part of Naturopathy. It plays a major role in restoring the health by supplying the needed nutrients and recuperating the organs. Dieting has been advised from time immemorial and the science of Ayurveda has emphasized the importance of diet restrictions under the nomenclature "Pathya" in curing the ailments. Fasting and dieting were advocated by the sages even before the advent of doctors and medical science.
It was rightly said that the best doctors in the world are :

a) Doctor Diet
b) Doctor Quiet
c) Doctor Merry man
Diet plays its role in preventive, curative and pramotive aspects of health. Hippocrates preached "Thy food thy medicine and thy medicine thy food". Those who can follow this simple rule can lead a healthy life and many who are consuming medicines (tablets, syrup, vitamins, tonics, etc) as food, will feel greatly relieved. 90% of the total numbers of diseases arise from faulty food habits and hence correction of food habits helps to regain health. Food which has not been cooked on fire has a great importance in diet therapy, as in such food, the vitamins and their enzymes; minerals and other nutrients are not destroyed and remain intact. The English proverb rightly says "God sends food and devil sends cooks". Vitamins are chemical substances required in very small quantities by our body for promoting certain chemical processes. They help in processing proteins, carbohydrates and fats and help in rebuilding the cells and prevent disease. They are protective food and promote good health. Enzymes are organic chemical substance essential for digestive process... They act like a catalyst and promote change without changing themselves. Retaining the vitamins and enzymes in their natural form in food is essential for keeping a good health. Hence, uncooked food is the best as it has the most nutritive value. Ideally, three-fourth of our food should be uncooked and remaining one-fourth maybe in the cooked form.
Naturopathy emphasizes wholesome diet even in the cooked forms, like unpolished cooked rice, bread made of whole wheat etc. Steaming, boiling and baking are the acceptable forms of cooking. Frying is not good because the oil boils at more than 200o C and anything fried at that temperature indeed looses entirely its nutritive value. The uncooked food is alkaline in nature; hence, it reduces acidity and other digestive problems. Fruits and vegetables are all alkaline in nature and even oranges, maltas, grapes have citric acid but, their end product is alkaline ash after assimilation.
1. Fruits and Vegetables and wholesome cereals have lot of Fibre content in them. Hence, they help in prevention of certain diseases like gastritis, indigestion, constipation, cancers, IBS, diabetes etc.
2. Foods Leaving Acid Ash (Acidic Foods)
All non-vegetarian food
Cereals - Refined wheat, barley, polished rice, corn, white bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits.
Pulses - All, including green gram, cow pea, black gram, lentil, Red gram, Soya bean etc.
Also, cheese - (processed) chocolate, coffee, tea, grain, and white sugar, deep fried & oily foods.
3. Food Leaving Alkaline Ash (Alkaline Food)
Cereals - Unpolished rice, whole wheat, millets.
All Fruits and Vegetables.
Various Fresh Juices
Natural foods are in their therapeutic best if taken in the form of juices. Juices can be of fruits as well as of vegetables. Juices are prescribed depending upon the condition of the patient and the disease.
Non-Vegetarian Food
Non-Vegetarian foods do not have any place in Naturopathy. The tissue of all animals contains poisonous waste and when it is consumed, toxic level in the body increases. It is low in fiber and less nutritious. It is also high in calories or fat leading to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. It contains purines which produce excess uric acid and other ammonia products in the system. It acts as a toxic load on the system, which intern lessens the efficacy of the organs leading to the early degenerative disorders. On the other hand, a well selected vegetarian diet can supply quality protein if taken in right combinations.