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Warned the German Society for improving the hearing based on a British study published recently that many of the portable music players, "IMP 3," causing noise equivalent to those caused by racing cars used in races, "Formula 1" in terms of causing deafness is not a cure.

The society said that a study revealed that 39% of boys and girls between the ages of 18 and 24 years, spend one hour a day at least to hear loud music up to 145 degrees Dispel (unit measuring sound) via headphones authorization (Hedfon).

Presents the youth who listen to this music class (for more than 25 minutes) authorization because the maximum energy consumed audio can be borne within a week.

It was found that many of the players "IMP 3" reach a sound 130 to Dispel the same level passed by the car trotted on the field of race cars, "the famous Formula 1."