Alopecia areata affects only the growing hairs or stop you hair growth. Therefore truncating the growth period of hairs avoids the entire damage of hair follicles. Fewer vitamins C in your body are also a cause of alopecia aerata. Your diet is also affects your hairs there foe healthy diet is important. Vitamins in proper quantity are necessary for your hairs. It also depends upon your habits of how you keep your hair and what products you use for their care.

Oil Massage: Use any oil for massages on you scalp with this your hair will start grows again. It also removes the problem of dry hair which is the main reason of Hair Transplant.

Medical Cures: You can also go for medical cures for Alopecia Aerata. But take any medicine after discussing it to an expert or doctor.

Synthetic Hair:
This is the modern and permanent idea of getting rid from Alopecia Aerata. Experts will joint synthetic hairs on your bald area.

Homely Cures: You can use homely things for Alopecia Aerata. It is most effective and cheap ways to escaped from this problem. And they keep your hair safe from any side effect.

Hair Cut: Yes, you can get a haircut according to your baldness and hair type. It is also a good way to hide your baldness.