New Year blues? Here's help

5 Jan 2009, 0000 hrs IST

The year is 2009, and we move forward toward a new beginning with the anticipation of positivity, warmth, and love. Jubilant youngsters welcoming the new year 2009

The New Year season is a great time for everyone, during this time of togetherness, reconnecting with people and friends can be the best joy ever. But soon all this comes to an end, getting you back to your mundane routine.

Dealing with New Year blues

1. Experiencing loneliness after get-togethers and events is very common, the keys to alleviating these feelings are to admit and express feelings of loneliness and work on it.

2. New Year blues also start with periods of inertia such as lying in bed, sitting and ruminating about the festivities gone by wallowing about the source of enjoyment.

3. Now is the time to internalise and focus on yourself and your goals. Learn to enjoy your own company.

4. Itís the time of the year when you need to channelise your energy into something positive. So practice positive thinking and remind yourself that youíre a worthwhile person whatever you do. These positive feelings will help the process of change.

5. Keeping a journal is also helpful, whether you simply write a few sentences about the day or if you write several paragraphs. In the future, you will find that your journals will be particularly helpful to look back on.

6. Spend quality time with your family members. Probably watching a movie or going on an outing or for a quiet, peaceful dinner can do the magic. A sense of belonging is enhanced when families take time to engage in common activities such as having meals together.

7. Most people feel the blues because they lack control over situations, or because their goals are at odds with their actions. Once youíve identified the parts of your life that cause blues, redirect your attention to the things you can change and then take steps to change them.

8. After seeing a situation through another personís eyes, you will often find yourself capable of short-circuiting cynical beliefs before they generate the blues.
Tips to be happy this year

1. Gratitude is one of the most powerful attitudes that one can adopt. If you can create gratitude in any Jubilant youngsters welcoming the new year 2009
situation, I guarantee that you will be happy. Even if itís just gratitude that you are still breathing, focus on that. If you need to, think about all the things that you are grateful are not happening. So starting right now look for things to be grateful about. Hug your spouse; tell your children you love them. Be grateful for all the small things.

2. Change yourself: It can be difficult to change things, but even more difficult to change people. So why not put your energy where you can make all the difference in the world. Change yourself by controlling yourself not the situation or the people in your life.

3. Spending time with the silence each day is one of the biggest steps towards giving up the relentless pursuit of happiness outside ourselves.

4. Avoid constant arguments, let go of resentments and step in to build close relationships. The happiest people are those who avoid keeping grudges and animosity against people, and by doing so you are not being a doormat. It means you are trying to understand othersí point of view.

5. Donít be afraid of your emotions. Donít fight them, run away from them and block them out. Welcome them; be with them, regardless of what they are. We were born with emotions. They are neither good nor bad, they just are. Emotions dissipate and slowly disappear if you feel them, and are present with them. Just close your eyes and feel them as deeply as you can.

6. Most negative thoughts are based on a misinterpretation of the situation. If you feel negative, look around the situation. Are the facts on which you base your pessimism correct? Are you really judging other people accurately? Are you imagining the worst, with no actual reason for doing so? Try to shift your attitude to a more positive one.

7. Finally, it is important to understand that you deserve happiness. Those who believe that they are not worthy of happiness may subconsciously sabotage their efforts to achieve happiness. If necessary, tell yourself each day that you deserve to be happy and remind yourself what steps you will take to achieve the happiness you desire. Wishing you all a very happy New Year!