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Thread: Magic of Massage -Bliss therapy: Massage your way to bed!

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    Default Magic of Massage -Bliss therapy: Massage your way to bed!

    Bliss therapy: Massage your way to bed!

    26 Dec 2008, 0000 hrs IST

    In today's frantic world, most couples claim either to be too tired for sex or not having enough time. But, there's one way of turning your boring The bedroom ritual into an exotic pleasure.

    All you need is a sensual and soothing massage as a precursor for great sex.

    "The significance of touch dates back to our very roots when we are in the womb, our mother's holding us, followed by childhood games with parents and friends all use touch therapy. Later in life, we tend to duplicate this in our cherished relations. A sexual massage is an unusual way of maintaining closeness and can result in not only relaxation, but a keener sense of intimacy to both partners," explains Ratna Wohra, a Hyderabad-based relationship expert.

    Whether you are married, are into a long-term relationship or exploring a passionate evening with your newly found love, treating your beloved with a sensual massage helps in building trust and enjoying quality time together. What's more? When done in a composed ambiance with affection flowing through your fingertips, a sensual massage helps heal even the most kaput relationships. We explore the magical world of massages...

    Benefits of a sensual massage!

    "People may find it hard to believe, but a simple back and head massage done with lukewarm coconut oil, has brought about a deeper connection than any solitaire, car, fancy dinner or vacation can ever achieve," shares Deepshikha Roy, a 32-year-old boutique owner.

    Undeniably, lovers who touch and touch share a much closer bond than those who don't. The simple act of hand holding, regular cuddling outside the sexual ambit builds an eternal bond between two people. "Couples who habitually engage in non-sexual, physical contact miss their partners more when they are apart. Massage is the ultimate way of conveying your feelings to your partner. Mastering the methods and techniques of this intimate act improves your relationship. It doesn't always have to lead to a sexual encounter, it can be a way to communicate your feelings for one another with the sense of touch we all need in our lives," explains Dr. Rishabh Batra, a clinical psychologist.

    Agrees Sidharth Makhija, a 37-year-old business consultant, "We all know that quality time is one of the building blocks of a lasting relationship. Sensual massage is pleasing on many levels. It ignites the flames of desire and allows you to express your love and devotion. I have read about the impacts of massages on the Internet, and ever since I have started practicing it, my intimate relationship is blossoming and flourishing like never before."

    Making way for great sex

    Sensual massages are often a great way to express your feelings, without words, to your partner telling them just how much they mean to you. A sensual and sexual massage creates the perfect mood for a night of passion.

    Rahul Jain, a 28-year-old lawyer, says, "A sexual massage actually tells your mind and body to relax. However, since it is a sexual massage, sexual tension is omnipresent, making for a night of great sex!"

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    Testing for Stomach Acidity

    What is stomach acid?
    The digestive process takes place as food passes through the mouth, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. One of the most important parts of digestion occurs in the stomach, where gastric (stomach) acid helps break down proteins for further digestion in the small intestine.

    A healthy stomach has a normal fasting pH (acidity level) between l and 2 (one million times more acid than water). This degree of acidity is required to digest food properly, to absorb some vitamins and minerals, and to ensure proper pancreatic enzyme function. There is an association between too little stomach acid and some health conditions. If there is too little stomach acid, some healthcare practitioners may recommend supplemental hydrochloric acid (betaine HCl), sometimes accompanied by proteolytic enzymes.

    Some physicians measure the stomach’s ability to produce gastric acid with a test called radiotelemetry, using a Heidelberg capsule.1 This test uses a small plastic capsule that is swallowed. The capsule contains electronic monitoring equipment. From within the intestinal tract, the capsule can measure the pH of the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine and transmit a signal, which is received by an antennae worn by the patient. The information gained in this way helps the physician determine whether or not adequate amounts of gastric acid are being produced.

    In the absence of a laboratory test such as the Heidelberg capsule test, some doctors have the patient try a “self-test.”2 This test is less accurate than the Heidelberg test and should be done only under the supervision of a doctor. The test involves the following steps done over three days.

    On the first day, upon arising and 30 minutes before breakfast, the patient takes 10 grains (650 mg) of betaine HCl in tablet or capsule form. If any discomfort, nausea, or burning occurs, the betaine HCl is immediately discontinued and the doctor is consulted. If no discomfort occurs, the patient proceeds to step two.

    On the second day, the patient repeats step one, this time taking two capsules instead of one. If there is any discomfort with two capsules, then the long-term dose is one capsule with each meal. If there is no discomfort, the patient proceeds with step three.

    On the third day, step one is repeated, this time with three capsules instead of one. If there is any discomfort with three capsules, then the long-term dose is two capsules with each meal. If there is no discomfort, then the dose is three capsules with each meal.
    Once the dose is determined, that amount is usually taken at the beginning of each meal.

    People should not take hydrochloric acid capsules or tablets if they are also taking anything that might irritate the stomach lining. For example, hydrochloric acid should not be taken with aspirin, indomethacin, Bufferin, Anacin, butazolidine, cortisone, or Midol (Tylenol® and Datril® are acceptable). Hydrochloric acid capsules or tablets should not be chewed, because the acid may damage teeth.


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