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  1. CMa
    Images related to Usmle is uploaded in my profile album!! I will update it regularly!

  2. CMa
  3. antiphobic
    Hi guys !

    Thanks for inviting me here ! Just was wondering yesterday to go for USMLE ! Think its all very timely. Any ideas abt which books (like kaplan,FA etc) I shd use for sure as a base for STEP 1 prep ?? Appreciate your time !
  4. CMa
    Hi buddy...Thanks for joining our group!

    As you said Kaplan and FA are must. For pathology kaplan is not enough, You will need Goljan for pathology. Im using Toronto notes 2008 as reference, its really good!

    Other than that, UsmleWorld, Rapidreview, Usmlerx, kaplanQbank are available for download. You can workout these mcqs while reading theory!

    Finally NBME, there are totally 6 forms, so there are lot of options to try!!

    All the best...Cheers!!

    PS: I have mentioned only the books that i followed, please add other important books that i had left out !
  5. Wolverine0
    Any of you have step 2 ck done? if so. tell us the images remembered please. thanks

    I gonna take step 2 ck in 1.5 months. start UW by 2d. time next week. then nbme forms.

    greeting all of you
  6. CMa
    Welcome buddy! Im preparing for step2 CK, I dont think anyone here already given their step2 CK.

    You can download WEB PATH , i have posted it in our forum. They have lots of images almost in all topics! Check this for PEDIATRICS. Don't forget to check our Gallery section!

    Do post if you come across any! All the best..Cheers!
  7. Wolverine0
    Thanks for invite me and for the welcome

    Any one had seen pass program and your experience and if it work for you for usmle step 1 or 2.
  8. Powel6016
    check out this thread, I collected a bunch of exam experiences and book lists people used for the boards, USMLE STUDY PLANS

    Also here are some blogs of people studying for the boards: USMLE BLOGS

    When are u guys planning on taking Step 1? I prob will take it the end of the next year. Just now sure if I should self study or take the Kaplan Live lectures. I was thinking if self studying doesn't work (by checking my progress w/ NBME exams) I will take the Kaplan course.
  9. CMa
    @Powel: I might be taking mine early august!

    @campoacosta: Not much knowledge regarding PASS PROGRAM, anyway rapidshare links for videos are posted in our premium zone! You could try it!!

    Lol its 10 gigs, you would have finished your exam before you finish downloading it from RS
  10. Wolverine0
    A 65-year-old woman complains of loss of energy, fatigue, and shortness of breath on exertion for 2 months. Her vital signs are, PR: 100/min; BP: 180/80mm Hg; RR: 21/min; Temperature: 36.7C(98F). Physical exam is positive for a 2/6 systolic murmur in right 2nd intercostal space. No peripheral edema is noted. Rectal exam is unremarkable. EKG shows sinus tachycardia and non-specific ST-T changes. Stools are negative for occult blood.

    Laboratory results are:
    Hb: 9.1gm/dL
    Hct: 25%
    Fe: 3 micro-mol/L (Normal is 5.4-31.3)
    Iron-binding capacity: 120 micro-mol/L (Normal is 50-80)
    Next step is:

    A. Echocardiography
    B. Bonemarrow biopsy
    C. Gastro-duodenoscopy
    D. Colonoscopy
    E. Isotope-labeled erythrocytes scintigraphy
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