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  1. harsh89
    mobile no. 9869727003
  2. dr_kals
    added.! Enjoy.!
  3. adnanbhutto
    hi can u tell me how can i download a file from the posts?
  4. dr_kals
    not downloadable.! You have to copy paste from those messages..
  5. dr_kals
    Docs_9 is now Doctor09.
    Recomend this to your medical friends for benefit.!
  6. swarna
    hi i have 2 doubts...
    1) how do we measure BP of a pt who has no limbs??!!
    2) why is there evening raise of temp in TB?
  7. dr_kals
    Well, 1) in dat case , you have to use invasive method for measuring method.! I dont remember its exact name , but a narrow cathetere like tube is passed and it is measured.!! (some one , post the name of that method if knows.)

    In 2 nd Question, I also have d same doubt.!

    By the way, if you post this questions in regular forum section, you will get more answers.!
  8. dr_kals
    Also, about Doctor09 ,
    My invitation limit has been exceeded , so cant add anyone.!
    To join the group, Type
    JOIN Doctor09
    and send it to 567678
  9. dr.sanju
  10. Sivaramakrishnan
    No. 9944628689
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