Physiotherapy for Children

By Teresa Pountney PhD MA MCSP


A comprehensive clinical manual and reference on paediatric physiotherapy, which examines all of the theoretical and clinical aspects of physiotherapy provision for children and young adults including: Neurology; Cardio-respiratory; Musculoskeletal; Oncology and palliative care; Mental health; Acquired brain injury.

Dr Teresa Pountney heads up a team of experienced practitioners who cover a range of conditions from those experienced by the typically developing child to those with disabilities and diseases. The changing needs of children with long term conditions
is described, as well as methods of service delivery to enable children and families to benefit as much as possible from their treatment. The different settings in which physiotherapy is provided for children, school, home, and hospital is described in addition to strategies and legislation relating to this.

* Strong emphasis on evidence-based practice
* Case studies illustrate practical applications of concepts and techniques and offer clinical reasoning behind decision-making

* Outcome measures discussed in depth - over 14 different assessments are reviewed
* Up to date - most recent research and newest legislation taken into account