Dear All,

My Aunt had a swelling/growth in the shoulder region.

FNAC (Fine Needle Cytology) test was conducted and the report is as follows

Gross : Approx 1 ml sticky purulent aspirate
Microscopic : The smear shows innumerable polymorphs, lying clumped as well as singly. Background shows some tissue debris. No dysplastic or malignant cells seen in the smear studied.
Opinion : Acute Inflammatory, pyogenic lesion : Abscess(R). Shoulder. Infected Cyst.

Today a surgery was done to drain the material from the region.

The region basically consisted of some Cystic Tissues like growth.

I have attached the images of the extracted material at the link below

As we can see, the egg shaped tissue reach upto 1.5 cms in length.

This material has been sent for Biopsy but I would like to ask the experts here if they can share their opinion regarding what these tissues could be.

Appreciate you help on this.

If this is not the right forum for such questions then please guide to an alternate forum where I might have more chances of getting a opinion on this matter.

Thanks all for your help.