its A Surgical Procedure To Remove The Atheromatous Plaque Material Or Blockage In The Lining Of An Artery Constricted By Build Up Of Soft/hard Deposits.

1.peripheral Vascular Disease
2.carotid Artery Disease
3.renal Artery Disease
4.aortic Arch Conditions
5.aortoiliac Occlusive Disease
6.visceral Artery Diseases

investigations Useful Prior To Surgery
1.duplex Ultrasound
2.magnetic Resonance Angiography

poor Candidates For endarterectomy

2.uncontrolled Hypertension
3.diabetes Mellitus
4.mi In Previous 6 Months

  • Incision In The Skin At The Ste Of Blockage
  • locate Blockage In Artery
  • insert Tube Above And Below The Obstruction To Reroute The Blood Flow Temporarily
  • remove The Plaque And Thrombus From The Inner Layer Of The Artery
  • widen The Artery With Vein Graft
  • remove Tube
  • close Incision
  • insert Drain
possible Complications
  • Stroke
  • bleeding
  • re Blockage At The Site Of Endarterectomy
  • infection
  • heart Problems