Do you see the lady dancer turning clockwise or counterclockwise?
With focus you can change the direction. Can you do it?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain;
if counterclockwise, then the left. Most would see the dancer
turning counterclockwise.

I've always known I'm left-brained so I was confounded when at initial
glance I saw the girl spinning clockwise. It took me a while and a few
epileptic upward eyerolling and peripheral gazes to switch directions
and ultimately assert that primary servitude indeed stems from the
left brain.

Under the right brain column, only items number 3 and 15 typify the
deranged me.

1. uses logic
2. detail oriented
3. facts rule
4. words and language
5. present and past
6. math and science
7. can comprehend
8. knowing
9. acknowledges
10. order/pattern perception
11. knows object name
12. reality based
13. forms strategies
14. practical
15. safe

1. uses feeling
2. "big picture" oriented
3. imagination rules
4. symbols and images
5. present and future
6. philosophy & religion
7. can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
8. believes
9. appreciates
10. spatial perception
11. knows object function
12. fantasy based
13. presents possibilities
14. impetuous
15. risk taking