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Thread: Joint positions and capsular patterns

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    Default Joint positions and capsular patterns

    Joint positions and capsular patterns

    Physical therapy students learning orthopedic assessment should be familiar with the concept of capsular patterns of the joints to effectively differentially diagnose joint pain and dysfunction. Dr. James Cyriax was the first to extensively study soft tissue lesions. When inflammation of a joint is present (known as synovitis or capsulitis), not only does passive stretching of the capsule cause pain but a limitation of range of motion of the involved joint is always found to be in a specific pattern; this pattern is always similar for that particular joint, although each joint has a different and instantly recognizable capsular pattern.

    Capsular patterns - are typical limitations of movements of joints; a typical patterns of positions where movement of joint ends and keep its position after secundary accidences.

    Blocked joint position - it means that the joint capsula is tight, joints can not be stretched or get more or any range of movement. It is used for stabilisation or fixation.

    Relaxed joint position - is position of joint when it is resting, all periarticular structures are relaxed. It is used for arthrokinematic evaluation of joint and joint mobilisation.

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