1)Anatomy of nose- lateral wall

2)Physiology- olfactory pathway , disorders of smell

3)Diseases of external nose- saddle nose , dermoid cyst , encephalocele , rhinophyma , basal cell carcinoma or rodent ulcer

4)Nasal septum and diseases - little's area , fractures of nasal septum , dns , cottle test , septoplasty , septal hematoma , septal abscess

5)A/c and c/c rhinitis- c/c simple rhinitis , atrophic rhinitis , rhinitis sicca

6)Granulomatous disease of nose- rhinoscleroma , lupus vulgaris , rhinosporodiosis,mucormycosis,wegener's granulomatosis

7)Miscellaneous- rhinolith, nasal myiasis , chonal atresia , csf rhinnorheadifference btw csf fluid and nasal secretion

8)Allergic rhinitis

9)Rhinitis medicamentosa

10)Nasal polyp


12)Trauma to face- tripod fracture , fracture of orbital floor , fracture of maxilla , oroantral fistula

13)Paranasal sinus- antrum of highmore , functions of paranasal sinus

14 )A/c and c/c sinusitis- essay , fess , complications,potts puffy tumour , mucocele of paranasal sinus

15)Neoplasm- carcinoma of maxillary sinus