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Thread: Best clinical supporting medical database?

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    Default Best clinical supporting medical database?

    whats your choice for decision support on clinical knowledge delivered by the top medical publishers.Writedown any new additions,advantages disadvantages etc [from elsevier merging the mdconsult,expertconsult, procedureconsult, sciencedirect etc ] [From wolters kluwer health-An evidence based, peer reviewed information resource, available via the web, desktop, and PDA]

    3. [synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis in an easily-digestible format. follow a strict evidence-based editorial process focused on providing unbiased information to help guide physicians in their decision-making process] [OvidMD brings trusted library resources directly into care decisions, freeing you to conduct more complex searches]

    Personally i like clinicalkey with its vast resources and content of high grade,its interface- yet i'm disappointed with its slowness,ready availablity and loading of contents. For personal choose and reference u can use uptodate with its editors updating contents at a reasonable period of time.Its fast with its web versions. Dynamed is especially suited in clinical situations when u need a fast answer.Like that too.To my experience ovidmd is not upto the level expected from the famous medical publishers.
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    I preffer uptodate for any clinical information!

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