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    Default Multiple Disorders

    I am 32 yrs male. i have multiple disorders.I would start with Erectile dysfunction.I feel my penis size is reducing. Earlier when i was around 20-25, i used to feel it was bigger in length. i had near about 6 inches but now it is only 4 inches. Regarding erection,these days it does not last long except for few seconds. Even the sperm quantity has also reduced a lot. Weekly once i masturbate but i get one or two drops only and that too it falls off the tip. Now closer to it, my testis size has increased a lot. Does it happen that since the testicles are increasing, it pulls down the muscles and skin of the penis?
    Even my complete body has also shrinked a lot. i mean my hands, shoulders, my thighs, my legs. It would sound weird but my height is also decreasing. It has happened such a way that i cant even wear my clothes which i bought a year ago since the pant's lenght becomes more and the legs become loose. Even my shirt also the same. It feels like im wearing some one else's shirt.
    When i go to a doctor, they first ask me to do a sonography for the testis. but the reports come normal. but it is me only who know the difference between the past and now.its so shameful when i sit somewhere (everyone can understand what i mean to say).
    regarding penis length, doctors say size reduction does not happen and 4 inches is fine for sex. regarding erection, they ask me to take regularly sildenafil citrate (but i get a lot of side effects from them).Regarding height, they just laugh and say it does not happen. about body structure they get no clue.

    I have visited most of the hospital in Bangalore and Mumbai but everywhere i get the same response.
    I am really worried what is happening to me. If i am closer to something very serious.
    Please help.

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    @Aditya, WE can't say anything without examining you. We can help you to understand any reports u post here but clinical judgement can't be given without examination. Better you visit some good physician and urosurgeon and then ask here if any doubts.

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