DreamWeavers InfoCom, today announced the release of its healthcare website IndiaHeartBeat.Com, which is opined to be India's first medical networking & resource portal architectured on Web 2.0. The company already claims an established precedence in the medical tourism sphere through Medelines.Asia & now intends to inter-connect upto 400,000 physicians and specialists through this network, to provide a robust communication ground between the dispersed medical professionals and potential consumers. The users can hunt for prospective medical resources online, converse and interact with the healthcare experts, peers & exchange and share useful information and data in a secure environment. In addition, patients can access informative material, content & also upload & preserve their detailed case history online for instant access by proficient doctors across the country.

DreamWeavers InfoCom is headed by Mr. Vivek Aggarwal, a young enthusiast who believes in revolutionarizing the way in which healthcare is perceived & practised in India. According to the company, India is a land of opportunities and when it comes to healthcare, despite the steady progress there is a still a lot of internal gap in the medical landscape and hence accessbility becomes a challenge. Lack of a choice mechanism, rising economies, fraudulent practices & the inefficiencies inherent in the Indian medical system has worsened the scenario & the need for consumer education, awareness and knowledge has taken the front seat. With internet penetration growing at a horse's pace in India, the digital media can offer a host of solutions to cater to the needs of the medical world.

"Healthcare is one need which connects every individual irrespective of his/her demographic or geographic profile & hence we endeavor to build the largest network of physicians & countrymen in the time ahead", adds Mr. Aggarwal.

The company has already garnered the first mover advantage in this space and currently boasts of a network strength of over 50,000 physicians from India. Further, it is spearheading to extend its visibility amongst the set of telecom users in the country by offering a multitude of value added services corresponding to mobile technologies. With this kind of an innovative approach of making remarkable in-roads in the health-tech sector, India can now hope of becoming the most significant medical destination in the world, both qualitatively & quantitatively.