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    Cool Dhat Syndrome:

    Dhat syndrome comprises vague somatic symptoms of fatigue, weakness, anxiety, loss of appetite, guilt and sexual dysfunction attributed by the patient to loss of semen in nocturnal emissions, through urine and masturbation

    The term Dhat Syndrome was first coined by Professor Wig in 1960. The symptoms of semen-loss anxiety are well known in Indian historical writing.

    Theoritical Background of the syndrome

    Dhat derives from the Sanskrit word dhatu meaning ‘metal’, and also ‘elixir’ or ‘constituent part of the body’
    In Ayurvedic texts which are dated between the 5th millennium BC and the 7th century AD the process of semen production is described thus: food converts to blood, which converts to flesh, which converts to marrow, and the marrow is eventually converted into semen. It is said that it takes 40 days for 40 drops of food to be converted to one drop of blood, 40 drops of blood to one drop of flesh, and so on. In the individual psyche, therefore, semen starts to take on an overwhelming importance. These notions frighten the individual into developing a sense of doom if a single drop of semen is lost, thereby producing a series of somatic symptoms

    Nosological Status:
    This disorder is described under culture bound syndrome in DSM-IV. ICD -10 has included dhat syndrome under the category of Other Specified Neurotic Disorders and coded as F 48.8

    It is mostly seen in the peoples of South East Asian region

    Clinical features:

    Complains of loss of semen leading to
    1. fatigue,
    2. weakness,
    3. anxiety,
    4. loss of appetite,
    5. guilt and
    6. sexual dysfunction


    1. Education regarding sexual anatomy and physiology
    2. Cognitive Behavior therapy
    3. Mild doses of anxiolytic may be helpful
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