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    It is common that food poisoning leads serious disease and even death. So what leads the food poisoning? According to a survey, Salmonella has become the main killer in food poisoning in USA. Thus Americans are familiar to this bacteria and around 40,000 salmonella infection cases are reported every year. Actually, the number of infected people may be more than twenty times of the number of reported patients. Because many patients with light disease are not diagnosed and more than 1,000 people are die of acute salmonella infection.

    The main reason why people get salmonella disease is that people eat the under-cooked fruits, vegetables and meats which are infected with salmonella. if you have diarrhea, fever and stomachache, don’t hesitate to go to hospital to do Salmonella Test.

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    So we should take care for lifestyle that what we should eat or what not.

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