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Thread: What Toothpaste is Right for You?

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    Default What Toothpaste is Right for You?

    Each individual has a different toothpaste preference. Some go for the taste, the texture, or the cleanliness and freshness you feel after using it. We break down the best toothpastes for you, depending on what you need extra help with in your oral care.

    If you want to whiten your teeth…
    Look for toothpastes that contain modified silicone abrasives. If you’re not satisfied with your results after about a month, we can discuss other whitening options for you at Deak.
    Try: Rembrandt Deeply White or Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening

    If you want to prevent cavities…
    Look for pastes that show the ADA seal and claim to be “anti-cavity.” These will most likely contain mineral fluorides.
    Try: Colgate PreviDent

    If you have sensitive teeth/gums…
    Look for toothpastes that have a desensitizing ingredient such as strontium chloride or potassium nitrate.
    Try: Sensodyne

    If you want to prevent tartar buildup…
    Look for toothpastes that have ingredients such as pyrophosphates and zinc citrate.
    Try: Crest Tartar Protection

    If you want to go a more natural route…
    Organic toothpastes work just as effectively as brands you’re used to seeing on the shelves. If it has an ADA seal of approval, it will be a great alternative. Remember, most natural pastes do NOT have fluoridedd.32!
    Try: Tom’s of Maine Whole Care

    If you wear dentures…

    Using regular toothpastes for dentures will do no harm to your teeth, but effervescent tablets and solutions have proven to clean dentures more effectively than brushing with regular paste.
    Try: Fixodent

    If you have questions about a specific toothpaste or would like a recommendation, give us a call or stop in for a checkup, today!


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    Well said.
    Everyone has personal preferences in choosing tooth paste.

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