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    Organized at the initiative of the Moroccan Society of Reproductive Medicine, the event aims to "promote positive behavioral change by making available to the general

    public and healthcare professionals consistent communication tools and a common language to improve conversations around infertility, "organizers said. This

    appointment "will also overcome stereotypes about a phenomenon that concerns more and more Moroccans," they added stressing that this event will emphasize the facts

    and inform the public about the causes of the infertility and medical solutions available.
    The challenge looks great for the association created in 2014. For more inform and educate the general public, it is also about "putting the action on education to

    create awareness collective, knowing that infertility is a real problem in Morocco, a social evil and a public health problem, "assured Dr. Omar S. Objective: achieve

    concrete progress towards Moroccans face this problem.
    "Today, there is still much to do on taboos and beliefs that are harmful even in the management of these couples," noted stakeholders. Hence the interest to highlight

    during this week, "witnesses who used to procreation. Especially since many couples have expressed the desire to testify, both those that have managed to have children

    with medical help and those still in distress, "said Prof. OS
    What you should know is that WHO speaks of infertility "where a couple wanting to have a child fails to achieve pregnancy after one year of regular unprotected sexual


    Beyond this appointment, it should be noted that a national survey on infertility was launched in order to establish the most reliable indicators on the number of

    Moroccan couples really suffering from infertility.
    The results of this important study, conducted with a knowledgeable panel of 700 couples aged 25 to 45, will be presented on the sidelines of the National Infertility


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