Hie all friends, a cousin of mine is getting married in next year and as I am intensely interested In Medical Science so have taken a step forward in helping out there, I would like to ask a question here, if that question is on wrong section then Mr. ADMIN please put it in proper section. The question is as follows:

Is there any kind of Premarital Blood Tests or Diagnosis is necessary before Wedding?
I searched over the Internet & Wikipedia and find something about points as:

  1. Genetic or any Inherited Diseases.
  2. Communicable Diseases (STD’s & HIV).
  3. Blood Group Incompatibility.
  4. Sickle-cell anemia and other Venereal Diseases.
  5. Infertility Relates Issues.
  6. If I am missing any important diagnosis related to this topic, kindly add.

I know that in our country (INDIA) it is quite strange if I talk to someone on this topic, the basic idea behind getting a health check before marriage is to rule out the factors, deficiencies or diseases that may obstruct a happy married life. This array of tests is aimed to benefit both the partners and their families.

I hope that this will help all the guys and girls who are ready for the new start, so all the very best for them. Thanks all for giving time to read this.