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Thread: Is Endosulfan really as hazardous as potrayed?

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    Post Is Endosulfan really as hazardous as potrayed?

    I have come across many stories and n number of pictures showing people with severe disorders blaming endosulfan for all.

    However, I have not been able to get any proves to substantiate these claims.

    I would be glad if doctors here can share their knowledge on this topic...

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    of course, endosulfan is a big problem, there are living victims here in my state kerala, in places like kasargode nd some areas of palakkad where endosulfan used to be sprayed. Many are born even today with congenital anomalies, owing to its spraying some years back. There is a big number of clustering of such cases in areas in which it was sprayed. It is sad that the Govt. of India has not yet banned it, though many other countries have already banned it..

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