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Thread: Drugs --> congenital malformation

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    Lightbulb Drugs --> congenital malformation

    penicillamine,carbimazole -cutis laxa (skin becomes lax)
    oral anti-coagulants eg warfarin-chondrodysplasia puntata
    chlorambucil- renal agenesis, genitourinary anomilies
    valproate- NTD

    carbamazepine- cleft lip n palate, cardiac defects
    isotretinoin- craniofacial, cardiac, abortion
    corticosteroids- congenital heart disease, cleft lip and palate

    lithium- ebsteins anomily, foetal goitre
    barbiturates- resp depression
    DES- clear cell adeno CA of vagina
    chloramphenicol- grey baby

    indomethacin- premature closure of PDA
    tamoxifen- abortion and foetal damage

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    There is a big list of drugs but please will you specify use of it. I am new for these drugs and want to know more about it.

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